Dropping Of The Atomic Bomb Essay Example

The atomic bombs of 1945 dropped by the United States on August 6th and 9th on Japanese territories of Hiroshima and Nagasaki would deliberately change the warfare tactics of the world. Historians have debated and examined the use of such force as it deemed necessary for long term power by the American government, scrutinizing the purposeful use of such unlawful intensity. Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of War during World War II, shares his beliefs on why the attacks were justified as well as keeps numerous accounts of writings to President Truman as a way of preparing, proposing, and documenting the use of nuclear force. Stimson aims to justify the nuclear warfare as the only option to protect U.S citizens and troops in a timely manner by uplifting the American government and downgrading the Japanese; additionally, he fails to enforce the usefulness of such peace by omitting the dominance of the U.S government in their heedful warning and sufficient communion. 

Stimson justifies the use of deadly nuclear forces as an essential to victory, that would be the most economical in terms of ending in a timely manner and sparing the lives of many American soldiers. He states “there was a very strong possibility that the Japanese government might determine resistance to the end” and that Allies would be faced with an enormous task of destroying millions of enemy men and equipment. The strategic plans as outlined by Stimson, focused on the American people as he thought to bring them justice and assurance as if the war if it didn’t have any nuclear force, “would cost over a million casualties to American forces alone”. In addition to American casualties, he sways the American people by turning the outcome of losses of their people to a successful campaign, in that enemy casualties would be much larger than our own, if the society chose to go the nuclear warfare route. The personal aspect in terms of upholding the peace in terms of family and community in American society, justified the killings of many Japanese people.  Moreover, Stimson also examines the Japanese militia and government by saying that “Japan has no allies”, and “is terribly vulnerable to our concentrated attack on her crowded cities”, confessing that they are unfortunately a weakling in terms of government tactics and that they are the ones to blame for it. He utilizes and scrutinizes the Japanese for their lack of peace treaties and respectable political and social skills with other countries, articulating that they pretty much dug their own grave. This approach is a punishment to their government for their lack of acceptance and uncontrollable “fanatical military group”.

The bomb as designated by the United Sates was a military tactic that served the purpose of an alternate advent of power. Stimson says, “nothing would have been, more damaging to our effort to obtain surrender than a warning or a demonstration” signifying the use of strategic war-like knowledge that the American militia used in hopes of “inducing surrender”. The purpose of prompting use of the deadly force, as the United States believes is the highest reason for engaging in such harmful acts, is American supremacy in its determination “to destroy permanently all authority and influence of those who have decided and misled the country into embarking on world conquest”. By no means is Stimson wrong in justifying the United States in a more community manner, but I suggest that the government supremacy is to blame for maneuvering enemy destruction. The Japanese military at this time showed no weaknesses in their military defense, putting the U.S. in a very difficult situation as to continue fighting and potentially take a loss and lose government appraisal or lose many troops in achieving a victory; this idea, ultimately influenced the strategic plans of the Allies. The United States, governed in superiority by the American race, personally could not take a loss as they are the ones that consider success as a domination of excellence in that they aspire in “being the international control, based upon freedom both of sciences and of access”. The fear that Germany and their atomic fission experiments of 1938 greatly influenced the use of atomic weaponry as “it was vital that they should not be the first to bring atomic weapons into the war field”. The perfection of the United States government as they were potentially dominated by other nations in terms of superiority, greatly impacted the use of the atomic bombs. 

The United States is legitimized for nuclear actions on Hiroshima and Nagasaki through the use of excellent cautioning and deliberate arrangement of intrusion. The American government sent out a warning of what was to come if war waged on as well as gave them “a definite opportunity to capitulate”, signifying the peaceful attempt to achieve a treaty composedly. Ignoring the warning, Japan’s government appeared to be self-seeking and hot-headed as they “fought to the finish” for what would be an “unconditional surrender”. This attitude by the Japanese was acknowledged by other countries like China, Great Britain, and Russia; moreover, the division of such countries by Japan’s liberal attitude suggest their unwillingness to promote healthy relations. The ignorance of Japan’s actions in countering the threat and failing to complete its “demilitarization” and disrupt the peace treaty, ultimately caused its downfall.  In addition to more communications, the location of the nuclear attacks was perfectly placed as they targeted an “active working part” of Japanese’s war effort, in that one was an army center and other was a naval passage way and industrial park. This hit on the Japanese militia, even if they didn’t surrender, would aim to target and impair combat, so that the U.S. would have advantage in every aspect. The foolishness of liberal Japan leaders and their barbarous efforts to be “a ghastly specter of a clash of great land armies” brought upon distress among their communities as they disregarded every tranquil hint of necessary reconciliation, justifying the United States actions.  

The nuclear bombs dropped on Japan are a very controversial issue as Henry Stimson Secretary of War for the United Sates, reasons that the American people should be held at the root of the issue in that our troops as a nation were less vulnerable to attack than Japanese soldiers and that the peacefulness of our society should not be disrupted. Additionally, his reasoning is not quit compelling as it fails to recognize the dominance in superiority displayed by the powerful all-knowing U.S. democracy. Conclusively, the Japanese government is to blame for the outcome of the war by its relations and composure of unnecessary quarrel. In the end, “the face of war is the face of death” as “premeditated destruction” is always a last choice, but is essential to lasting peace.


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