Educational Goals Essay Example

Educational Goals Essay Example
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📌Published: 15 March 2021

Educational goal, a goal that you want to achieve either in a short-term or long-term time period in the educational field. My short-term goal is to eventually graduate from TCC and be able to attend a university. My long-term goal is to graduate from either Grand Canyon University in Arizona or UTAH. 

How will I get there? First, I will do my best in all classes. I was placed in the intermediate class for English, because my TSI scores were based on a test I took back in 10th grade. I liked the idea about this class because that way I can have a refresher. That’s a consequence I need to pay due to not attending college after high school. 

Let me say this, English was not my favorite subject in school. I attended class and did all the work but, I didn’t really understand why I read so many books that were not interesting at all. For example, there was a book that I will never forget, “Beowulf”. For some people that genre is amazing, not mine though. I used to read a lot back in middle school. Now, I read mostly because I need to. Although, if you put me a book that interests me a lot, such as love stories, then yes. I will read and finish that book so fast. Although, there’s a catch, when I start reading a book, I need to have a picture in my head while I read. If I don’t then, I will not pay attention to what I am reading, so I will read just to read. So, this is how I ended up in this online course. Hopefully, I get to learn much more than what happened with “Beowulf”.

What is bringing me to go to TCC is my future. I have thought so many things about my future. How will it be in 5, 10, 20 years from now? Will I continue to work as a secretary for the rest of my life? Or will I become someone who inspires others to reach for their goals? What job will I need to have so I do not work over time and have enough time to spend with my loved ones, but at the same time have a good pay? All these questions come up to mind when I think about my future. I will do my best to become a teacher who motivates students to become the person who they wish to be. After having some teaching experience, I would like to become an Assistant Principal and then eventually become a high school Principal. 

After waiting for almost 3 years, it has given me the time to enjoy life as a person who does not have children, and has nothing to worry about besides a place to live, utility expenses, and work. At first, I needed something to keep me busy. Especially now that 2020 and maybe all year of 2021 we will not be able to discover new places or do fun things like before. Life has been quite boring at some points. Yes, I do what I love to do, clean, crafts, reorganize, and watch movies, but I needed something else. Well, what a better time to start going to school, virtually but getting something done. Especially something that will do me so good and it will affect later down the road, in a good way.

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