Effects Of Technology On Relationships

Effects Of Technology On Relationships
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📌Published: 18 March 2021

Modern technology allows people to communicate instantly with friends, family, or even a boyfriend or girlfriend. Is this new technology benefiting or hurting relationships? Technology makes it effortless to get in touch with another person, however, sometimes things can be taken a different way than intended. It can be easier to have difficult conversations over text instead of having them in person. Modern technology and social media make it simple for people to interact and talk with more than one person. 

When sending a text message the person receiving the text can read it differently than the person sending the text. It is extremely hard to interpret tone over a text message. If the person who was sending the text was being sarcastic and trying to be funny with a text message, the person receiving the text might not read it with the same sense of humor or sarcasm that the person sending the text did. This can lead to arguments and tension in the relationship because there has been a miscommunication. Sarcasm and humor are much easier to understand in a face to face conversation. 

Part of being in a relationship is learning how to communicate with a significant other. Technology allows people to communicate over the phone instead of having an in-person conversation. This can be a wonderful tool for people if they are in a long-distance relationship or can not see each other for some reason. However, people tend to have these conversations over the phone because it is easier. For example, if someone wants to end the relationship with their girlfriend or boyfriend it would be much easier to send a text instead of having to face them in person. When doing that it can hurt the other person more than if the individual would have ended things in person. It can be very insensitive to send a break-up text instead of facing the person face to face. 

New technology and social media make it simple to talk to more than one person at a time. This can make it tempting for someone to cheat on another person in a relationship. It also creates trust issues within the relationship. If someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend is always talking to another guy or girl it can lead to jealousy and tension in the relationship. Once a person has these trust issues it is hard to recover from them. Most people continue those trust issues in their next relationship, even though they are with someone new. 

Technology can be a great thing for relationships if used correctly. When getting into a relationship it is important to remember to be patient and learn how to communicate effectively with a significant other. When having important conversations in a relationship do not be afraid to have them in person. If there is an issue in the relationship the individuals should have an in-person conversation to try to fix the issues they have. Many relationships in today’s age lack proper communication skills because of the available new technology.

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