Einstein's Science and Religion Research Paper

Einstein's Science and Religion Research Paper
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📌Published: 12 March 2021

In Albert Einstein's “Science and Religion” paper he supported his theory that Science and Religion are two essential elements in a society and combining them leads to answers and resolutions for both sides. Einstein states that “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind” (49). The word “lame” was used by Einstein to express his belief in the compatibility and interdependence of science and religion. Furthermore, to emphasize that without one another they will not reach the answer they are striving for. 

The first section of Einstein's paper “Science and Religion” was a speech he gave to students studying religion at Princeton Theological Seminary in 1939. He described the role of religion as what should be; The domain of determining what is considered right and wrong and how individuals should behave. Einstein did believe in the importance of religion but was particular on what viewpoint on religion he believed was beneficial to not only science but society. He did not agree with or personally believe in having one single God, instead viewing religion as serving all mankind. Einstein stated in his paper “Free and responsible development of the individual, so that he may place his powers freely and gladly in the service of all mankind (47).” Essentially explaining the idea that if leaders of religion were to abandon the idea of one God it would in return help them pursue religion. Religion is a key to society, enabling Individuals to serve all of humanity. 

Einstein proposes that Science is the role of what is. He explains Science as the study of things we can sense and perceive. He broke it down into two different aspects: observations and theories. First, observing two different things and looking for a relationship or not finding one at all. Secondly, having a theory and making a model of reality and seeing how close the model matches up with similarities in comparison to what is in physical existence. In the beginning of Section II of “Science and Religion’ Einstein states “To put it boldly, it is the attempt at the posterior reconstruction of existence by the process of conceptualization” (47). In other words, looking at what currently exists and using that knowledge to decipher what must have come previous to current time. This knowledge will help us reason the reality we live in. 

If we define religion as Einstein did, serving each other on this planet in harmony, science along is not enough. We need to have an agreement based on traditions and having a purpose or group to properly function in society. Science and Religion are two essential elements in a society, using religion to have faith in our assumptions and science to support our assumptions.

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