English 101 Essay Sample (Fake News Disclosure)

English 101 Essay Sample (Fake News Disclosure)
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📌Published: 29 March 2021

In English 101, I have flourished as an English writer with the short assignments and projects given. To go into detail, I have learned how to write critically, and I have become better at my research skills. In other words, this class has taught me how to use my information literacy skills efficiently. For example, in project one, I talked about how medical professions nowadays always have a problem on their mind they want solved. In other words, there is not one thing that they do not want solved in medicine. Furthermore, this project has allowed me to research different articles and to compare/contrast them. For example, in the third paragraph it states “One similarity between the two articles is the way it’s structured. Both the articles start with an abstract – short summary of the article, and then followed are short paragraphs.” Moreover, I am comparing both the articles based on how they are structured. On the other hand, when it came to the differences between the two articles, I examined the writing of both articles and focused on the major differences between them. “The differences between the two articles are how the article “Rethinking Medicine” focuses more on treatments and patients while the other article “Predicting the Future – Big Data, Machine Learning, and Clinical Medicine” focuses more on how new statistical tools such as algorithms can make machine learning more critical.” Project, one has allowed me to develop as writer as it has made me write critically, compare/contrast two articles efficiently, and improve my information literacy skills. My information literacy skills have gotten better as I have done more assignments throughout this semester. For example, in short assignment three, I defined the working definition “rust belt” not from the book, but from an additional source. This assignment me has allowed me to expand my knowledge on the definition, as I had to evaluate different associations and ideas connected to the rust belt. For example, I stated “The “Rust Belt” has a few characteristics when it comes to figuring out a working definition which include region, large historic, and current role of manufacturing.” If you read further, I go on and expand on each characteristic. On the other hand, for short assignment five, we had to look up the definition “fake news” from different sources and cite the sources of those definitions. This is also one of the assignments that has made my information literacy skills improve because it has allowed me to think critically as I had to look at different perspectives of the definitions and see how they compare. This has not only expanded my knowledge on one term, but it has allowed me to practice my research skills which have gotten better. Lastly for short assignment six, this one was more of a research assignment because I had to look up different fake news articles, then find one that was the most interesting for me and elaborate on why I picked that specific one. The fake news article that I ended up choosing was “"Ilhan Omar Holding Secret Fundraisers with Islamic Groups Tied to Terror" because I wanted to learn more about the secret fundraisers she was apparently holding, and I look up to Ilhan Omar as she stands up for new Americans. Moreover, the short assignments have made me develop as a writer because it has again improved my research skills and it has allowed me to evaluate information. Moving on, how has audience and purpose shape my texts? Well, project three would be a great example because I did have to examine the story. In other words, I had to look at the audience the story was intended for, supported sources to verify author’s claim, etc. For example, in the second paragraph, it states “the audience that the story was intended for was the Muslim audience that look up to Ilhan Omar.” It is important to know who you are writing your essay to because it guides the intent of your writing and determines how complex or simple the piece should be.

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