English 112 Course Review

Throughout the English 112 semester, I have learned to produce a variety of new pieces of writing that ranges from science, business, and the humanities. I have been able to gain so much knowledge about writing in APA and MLA format. Learning to write in these types of documents has allowed me to incorporate in-depth information and research into my writings, which allows me to create well-structured essays about certain topics. 

My writing ability has changed drastically because of English 111 and 112. In English 111, I mainly focused on my genre of writing and stylistic manners. I was able to improve my sentence starters and vocabulary. Furthermore, I learned how to create a flow throughout my papers. English 112 allowed me to learn how to incorporate my style of writing into various kinds of informative documentation styles. For the papers that I wrote in English 112, I incorporated my knowledge from English 111 into my papers to create stronger essays. My thinking of writing has changed because I find enjoyment in creating my papers now. It allows me to express my thoughts in my essays. I am able to create diversity in my papers and it allowed me to create strong, well-developed essays in English 112.

I have been able to gain many specific skills from the knowledge that I received from English 112. With the many documentation styles and research that went along with the papers, my skills of obtaining information and citation have allowed me to make stronger essays and not plagiarize. Also, with the constructive criticism that I received from my peers and teacher, I have learned where my weak spots are in my writings. Another skill that I have obtained is how to write in APA format. This has helped me write for my science classes and give strong, specific information with my pieces of writings.

Listed in the syllabus are learning outcomes that students will have obtained after the completion of the course. I feel like I met the majority of the learning outcomes. I have learned how to properly cite my sources, create documents in various writing styles, and learned how to receive constructive criticism from my fellow peers that has benefited me. One outcome that I need to continue working on is writing in APA format. For the majority of my college education, I have worked in MLA format. I have never worked in APA format and I would like to improve my knowledge and master this format. 

In the future, I will incorporate the information I learned in English 112 into my future pieces of writings. I hope that I will continue to use in-depth research to add information to any piece of writing I may encounter. Although I have skills that still need to work such as grammar, English 112 has prepared me with a strong foundation I can continue to work on in the future. I am truly thankful for this semester and will continue to use the knowledge that I learned in English 112 to be the best writer I can be.


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