EPFL Admission Essay Sample

EPFL Admission Essay Sample
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📌Published: 12 April 2021

Hi! I study mechanical engineering at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), I am a senior undergraduate student focusing on solid mechanics. Although my field of expertise has been towards solid mechanics, I have a good knowledge of the different fields of mechanical engineering, such as fluid mechanics, design, manufacturing, electrics, among others. Currently, I am in my last university year and working on my thesis (stiffness in the trabecular bone), while keeping on with my current classes (CAE, CFD, robotics, and industrial processes). I intend on pursuing a master's degree upon completion of my bachelor’s and I feel that this program while making me uniquely suited to approach a well-suited job, would help me a lot upon applying to graduate schools.
I've always been drawn to science since we live in a time when scientific advances have helped us grow by leaps and bounds as a society, and one of my long-term career goals is to be a researcher or work in the industry on experiments and projects that can help change the world. On the other hand, one of my short-term goals is to get into graduate school so it can help me achieve my career goals. Being able to participate in the EPFL Excellence in Engineering Program would give me a good insight into how life is as a researcher in a top university in engineering and help me decide how I want to shape my future. And the opportunity to be able to live for a time in Europe is exciting, at least for me as a person who has never had the opportunity to travel to another continent.
The EPFL is full of interesting laboratories, but the three that caught my attention were the Laboratory for Multiscale Mechanics Modeling (LAMMM), Computational Solid Mechanics Laboratory (LSMS), and Biorobotics Laboratory (BioRob). I like LAMMM because the behavior of materials is appealing to me since I have taken courses with really good professors that have inspired me to study more of this field. Studying the mechanical behavior of metals and composites could lead us to rethink the way we optimize and design structures in engineering. In my time at UCLA I got the chance to take the course Design of Composite Structures, it was the first time that I studied composites. The course was really interesting and for the final project we had to optimize a composite material configuration, for me it was a nice challenge and I wanted to do more projects in composites, unfortunately, the pandemic started so I could not work on a university project anymore. 
The projects that are being developed in BioRob are really interesting. One of my capstone courses in college was mechanical design which went well for me because I learned a lot about how to approach a design project, also I had taken courses in Biomechanics both at UCLA and my home university and I think that the materials received in the two institutions have been very good. Currently, I am taking a course in robotics soy my knowledge in robotics may not be the greatest but it's something 

Finally, LSMS offers the opportunity to work in simulation-based engineering science which is something I would like to work on. I have previously worked on simulations in manufacturing processes as well as CFD and CAE so I am no stranger to this concept. From what I read what interests me the most is contact mechanics and damage and fracture mechanics
Solid mechanics is an interesting subject for me, it is something that I understand and like. 
I am always open to new challenges and to learn new things, I would like to get the opportunity to work in any of the labs listed above. I think I am a pretty capable guy of getting everything that I propose to myself. I hope that my knowledge of mechanical engineering could help the research team and help to develop a great project.

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