Equality and Justice Essay Example

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  • Published: 15 May 2021
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Equality and justice is a very common term used in nowadays society but yet not very well understood. Personally I don’t think that you can put a definition on justice or equality because everyone feels different about both of those terms. For instance say you lost a family member due to a reckless driver you won’t ever get justice because he won’t feel what you feel and the pain of knowing you’ll never see your brother again. The term equality is just like saying an eye for an eye but clearly that driver will never get by your brother because he’s dead and your brother will never get justice. At the same time neither justice or equality had been shown in that scenario. The term equality means balance and thought of as the same treatment as one to another and in our modern day society that racial inequality will always be a thing because everyone is entitled to their own opinion and not everyone can see how wrong it is to hate someone because of their skin color and they can’t change it. Although they didn’t choose that and they didn’t make that decision and both blacks won’t be equal nor whites there will always be someone in the way of that to concerned with their skin color instead of the content of their character that can’t see through the fog they have been put into to realize we’re all people just trapped in this world of racial injustice and inequality.

One of the main issues in the modern world is inequality, just people who can’t see through the truth behind the closed door. Too many people get treated poorly and judged by their color black and white but in reality we’re all the same people. Trapped inside a different body all of the same species just different colors. This stirs up a feud with whites and blacks because of the past and that’s what holds us back we’re too focused on the past injust periods of time when what we should be doing is taking each other by the hand and moving forward together as if we were both the same and make it a nation that is no longer bothered by race but with the decisions we make to better ourselves and our people. If we continue to fight over the past eras where there was just a bunch of inequalities and injustice then we will all find ourselves in the same place we are now 100 years later the next generation focused on the same problems. If we move forward with ourselves and put our past behind us we can make a better place for our next generation so that they don’t have these issues with racial inequality and injustice so we don’t find our children in the same hole we’re stuck in.

If this world starts judging by the way you act the content of your personality and perspective of others instead of obsessed with skin color. We need to move on and serve justice not judged on our skin but on our decisions and how we view our others.

Injustice is a problem that I don’t think can ever be served because everyone views their justice different from your justice. I don’t believe that the justice system is fair in any way shape or form. There is no way to have complete justification for anything that affects you mentally or physically because at the end of the day there that hole in your soul is still there. There is no fix to repairing a broken soul because the damage is already done. You already lost whatever it is whether it be a prized possession, a friend or family member, it will never be the same without that. It’s like a relationship that was broken and you got back together. The bond is already broken. There's no fixing it or bringing it back to the way it felt when you first got together because that bond that was broken will forever remain drilled in your brain like a tattoo that doesn’t fade. Not only that but you wake up with the same pain that won’t fade or go away it will remain a scar.

There’s no justification for anything period. It remains with the same pain that you felt the day it happened, the same pain that never goes away. That embark of pain will remain tattooed in your brain and will go forever unchanged. There’s no way to justify equality either because we already left the footprint. It won’t feel equal ever because it’s like when we took the first step on the moon the footprint will forever remain across the world knowing and growing to remember it forever how they were treated.


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