Essay About Effective Communication in the Workplace

What ensures the power of success, unity, and production? In today’s economic world, there are several issues that occur when it comes to work: (1) confused on what is going on within the organization; (2) what they need to act upon to complete the job; and (3) what resources and jobs are available to ensure company success. About “57% of employees report not being given clear directions and 69% of managers are not comfortable communication with the employees in general” (Effective Communication in the Workplace: How and Why?, 2019). What can employers, workers, and the rest of us do to ensure organizational success? Effective communication is a major sign “of high-performance culture” (Effective Communication in the Workplace: How and Why?, 2019). Workers and employers “exchanging information and ideas” sets up an opportunity to keep everyone on the same page and work together to solve issues and provide opinions on how to ensure organizational success and to sustain a competitive advantage over other businesses within the market. Effective communication “occurs when a message is sent and received accurately,” influencing the workers and employers work ethic, “success,” “happiness,” and willingness to work for each other (Effective Communication in the Workplace: How and Why?, 2019). Although communication a major component, effectively communicating with each other influences the workplace in two major ways.

Effectively communication prevents any confusion from occurring within the workplace. About “57% of employees have reported that they are not given clear directions” (Key Tips To Improve Workplace Communication, 2021). When communicating with one another, it presents an opportunity for the worker to ask questions and clarify any confusion there may be. For example, a new employee just got hired at a machine shop. The new employee had no clue on how to run the machine with a certain job. To prevent any harm and confusion, the new employee needs to approach the boss and ask questions before running the machine. To best understand and clarify the confusion, the approach of visual demonstrating is the most effective way. It allows the employee or worker to understand how exactly it needs to be done. Clarifying any confusion also allows the worker to not just solve problems; but also promote teamwork. Being “specific and detailed about work they will be doing” will ensure “good and transparent communication” throughout the business, ensuring each employee understands the job, requirements, and how to solve problems when they may arise. From clarifying confusion, it will allow all employees to increase “productivity and work performance” to ensure a successful job and organization (Key Tips To Improve Workplace Communication, 2021).

Effective communication also promotes a positive, fun, and productive environment. About “86% of employees and executives cite a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures,” and “69% of managers also report feeling uncomfortable communicating with the employees in general” (Key Tips To Improve Workplace Communication, 2021). Effective communication can “create transparency and honesty in the workplace,” allowing them to “feel that they are in the loop of terms of the overall plans of the company” (Key Tips To Improve Workplace Communication, 2021). With the presentation of being “specific and detailed about the work” that will be presented, it presents and “good and transparent communication” among the team, forcing them to work with one another to ensure success. This allows all employees to feel more confident in their work and be part of the conversation, which allows the opportunity to build strong friendships and trust with one another, both internally and externally. It also makes work “less stressful” and developing an environment of a “fun activity” (Key Tips To Improve Workplace Communication, 2021). Building strong friendships and trust with one another sets the opportunity of more confidence and production in their work, allowing all workers to assist one another to enhance the goal of teamwork and effective communication; as a result, it influences the overall environment of the workplace, promoting happiness and unity as a whole. The employees will “start to enjoy each other company” and will “look forward to be at work often,” creating a “sense of trust” and improving the overall “morale” of all employees” (Key Tips To Improve Workplace Communication, 2021).

Effective communication is crucial to obtain in the workplace. It allows all employees and workers to obtain the understanding of what is needed to complete a job or solve any problems and issues that arise, promoting the concept and action of teamwork. Effective communication also sets up the opportunity for all employees to unite, develop strong friendships and trust with each other, and promote the idea of willingness to support and assist one another, both internally and externally. From both of these outcomes, it promotes a more successful, productive, positive, and result driven work environment. Effective communication is needed in all workplaces to ensure workers go above their abilities and develop a more effective operations that provides happiness and driven results to all.


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