Essay About Feminism in The 21st Century

Essay About Feminism in The 21st Century
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📌Published: 25 March 2021

It sucks a**! being a woman since the beginning of time sucks a**! Every day there's something new that girls can and can't do, wear, be or speak just because I have a uterus. Having a uterus does not mean I am a baby maker and it certainly does not mean I can be pushed around. Society says since I have a period and can give birth to a life I can't fix a car, wear a skirt, talk about my period, or grow armpit. I am not a piece of property that you can degrade and force to be quiet I am a human being I AM A WOMEN. 

You know when a dress is too big you have to go and get it altered so it fits the needs of your body that's kind of how being a woman is. Every day I have to alter myself to fit into society every day I have to pick out an appropriate outfit so I don't seduce men, so I don't distract them, and so I don’t get “unwanted attention”. I'm second-guessed for my ability to answer a question at school because the teacher thinks just because I am wearing a tank top I don’t know about who won The Persian War. ( The Greeks won a decisive victory, losing only 192 men to the Persians' 6,400).  As for when I speak, I am ignored and talked over because the boy sitting behind me is talking about the game he lost, so I’m supposed to sit and be quiet because he is the quarterback of our football team and he is essential.  I am expected not to talk about my period because it's inappropriate and the boys are uncomfortable but I am supposed to sit and listen to the boy in my geometry class talk about his latest conquest. I am not a dress that you can alter to fit you. I shouldn't have to change myself because boys can't keep their hands and unkind words to themselves. I shouldn't have to repeat myself over and over because boys can't accept the fact that it's rude to talk out of turn especially about something not even on topic. It's unfair that my period another bodily function just like a burp or a fart is not excepted because its blood coming out of my vagina and something I can't control. I AM A  WOMEN NOT A DRESS. 

In 2013 study showed that a woman who worked a full-time job that her median weekly earnings would only be $706. For a man who works the same job same hours, his weekly earnings would be $860. Now, why is a man getting paid over $100 more a week when the woman and a man are working the same amount of hours in the same occupation? Is it because she has breasts? Is it because she has a vagina? Or maybe it's because for some twisted reason that man gets $100 more than she does for no reason at all he gets $100 more at the end of the week for absolutely no reason. These people have the same job they work the same hours and he gets paid more why? If you have an answer to that you're wrong there is no right answer to this question because he should not be getting paid more than she does just because she is female the opposite gender.  I understand this isn’t specifically my struggle but this is a woman and this is showing to everybody in the world that women shouldn't be able to make the same amount of money that men do and as a woman that affects me.  I'm not rich, I'm not a male, I'm not white, and I live in a place if you don't get the money you don't get anything. So  I already have everything else in God's green earth making it hard for me so taking away this woman's money is taking away my money and I do not stand for people taking away my hard-earned money. SHE IS A WOMEN I AM  WOMAN NOT A ALIEN AND NOT SOME OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE AWAY HARD EARNED MONEY. 

You've heard the term "boys will be boys" right? What does that exactly mean "boys will be boys" does it mean that only boys are allowed to play sports, only boys allowed to get jobs and make money, that boys can sexually harass women because they're boys? We have heard this term forever and society has accepted the fact that it is okay that women are treated differently. Women are sexually harassed on the street doesn't matter what you're wearing, how you look, or how old he has to tell you "aye baby girl you look good in those pants I wonder what you look like out of them?" So you're sitting there feeling scared and uncomfortable but it doesn't matter "boys will be boys". 

You come to work every day on time and at the end of the week you make 700 but John comes in late every day makes 800 because his friend is the boss and it doesn't matter because "boys will be boys". You have to hide your body and mind because " boys will be boys" every day is a " boys will be boys day" and there's nothing I can do about I'm just trying to survive. 

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