Essay about Gabby Douglas

Essay about Gabby Douglas
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📌Published: 28 April 2021

Everyone has experienced the terrible feeling of failure and often associates it with weakness or not being good enough. Despite what many people think, failure is not always a terrible experience but often can make a person stronger and more determined. Failure can strengthen a person by making them want to work even harder or by teaching them valuable life lessons that they would not have learned without failing.

Failure is often seen as a sign of weakness, but in the case of Gabby Douglas, she proved that failure could strengthen you. Gabby Douglas is an Olympic gymnast who suffered from a severe hamstring injury but was determined to continue to compete through her injury. On her first performance being injured, Gabby fell seven times on her floor routine. Even though Gabby felt embarrassed and ashamed that she failed doing a routine that she had been training for, her falls made her want to work harder. Gabby continued to train and work even harder to push through her injuries, even though she had just recently suffered a failure in front of thousands of people. All her hard work and determination not to fail led her to win three gold Olympic medals for her outstanding gymnastics performances. Gabby’s experience showed that her failure helped her become stronger by making her determined not to fail again which led to her working so hard that she was able to win three Olympic medals. While failure can strengthen you and push you to do your best, failure can also make you discouraged. Mckayla Maroney, who was also an Olympic gymnast, suffered from a career-ending injury that left her feeling discouraged and depressed that she was not able to enjoy the sport she once loved. While Mckayla’s failure in overcoming her injury left her feeling discouraged, it also taught her valuable life lessons and let her explore her passion in another subject. Mckayla now has been able to enjoy her passion for singing and has dropped two new songs. While her failure brought shame and depression, she started becoming stronger and reaching into new parts of her life like her singing career. Her story shows how while failure can bring discouragement first, it eventually makes a person stronger by teaching them lessons like moving on which Mckayla did by starting a music career. People tend to look at failure as just discouragement and weakness instead seeing the benefit of failing. Without failing, these two gymnasts would not have been able to get to where they are today. Gabby would not have had the chance to even harder past her failure and Mckayla would not have had a chance to explore singing. Therefore, while failure can be discouraging and embarrassing, it makes a person stronger by causing them to be more determined and teaching them life lessons.

With failing comes lessons and determination to work harder to not feel the embarrassment that came along with the prior failure. Failure teaches a person not to give up but instead work harder and to move on when something goes wrong. With every failure, a person becomes stronger by learning more and becoming more determined to prove that they can accomplish whatever goal they have set. Failure strengthens a person and makes them more willing to keep trying instead of giving up even when they are feeling discouraged.

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