Essay About Mental Health Support for Students

Essay About Mental Health Support for Students
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📌Published: 16 April 2021

Have you ever felt that you could not turn to someone for help? Schools always persuade the idea of seeking help or “talk to someone”, Mental health is the leading cause for a not so well student. schools need to see that kids are struggling, some that come in to talk to a guidance counselor wants to feel like they can help because maybe their parents can’t understand his/her/their problem. We all need to understand that now, kids have very rough times some don’t even feel safe at home anymore, school should provide a safe environment for every student to be able to get help.

I struggle with school, my view is that school has made it hard for me to focus on my mental health but instead focus on grades and how in fact if I don’t do this assignment it will affect my future. 

You may ask, Are schools doing enough to promote good mental health for each student? 59% of teachers express the concern that their schools did not do a lot or devote time to good mental health. Good mental health is important for a student to succeed, especially in high school where it gets harder to concentrate. The CDC  conducted research to examine symptoms in four different U.S school districts (2014-2018), and it showed that 1 in 6 students had enough emotional or behavioral symptoms to be diagnosed with childhood mental disorder. This disorder would continue to grow as the child continues to age and gets to middle school and high school, which would be the result of an unhealthy kid. The school staff must always check up on each student to make sure they are ok and how they can help, but we must first put the effort into it and not just turn away.

Not all students feel comfortable talking to a counselor, many don’t have the availability for mental help. This year, we have seen increasing numbers of students say they feel overwhelmed, and not just about the health of their family and friends due to the coronavirus. They may also experience other problems that range from financial to academic.   A recent survey by the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California shows that more than half of the students who participated in this survey said they are in need of mental help support ever since March. 

I stand here to represent all those kids who have been scared to put their opinion out there, to all the educators...please understand each of the student’s needs and not just turn a blind eye. Schools must have support for student’s mental and emotional well beings for them to all succeed, we want students to feel safe to ask for help and in their preferred way. We will do this, to ensure each student’s success in school and away from school during these times, we can and must change for the better, together.


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