Essay About Ralph and Jack in Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Essay About Ralph and Jack in Lord of the Flies by William Golding
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The island has been packed with shouting between boys, arguing who gets to call the shots, who gets to lead. The commotion eventually came to an end with the boys choosing a specific boy, a boy with looks and not physics, a boy with intellect. The novel by Golding exposes a group of boys who vote on who to be president. Without a doubt, they presumed that a boy with appearance over a boy with information was the better option. He depicts the boys on the island in the novel Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding. Choosing an island leader that leads to their demise could alter their fate when choosing another person. Of all the boys, because he is brilliant and reasonable, Piggy should have been the leader, and he acts civilly, without behaving like a savage.

First of all the boys plan to establish a voting structure where they nominate who is the boss over the boys, always hanging on to society. The boys are being dragged to select Ralph for him to be stunning and; Ralph had the conch at the time. But they didn't see what they wanted in a boss; with his ability to act critically in circumstances that would help them from being saved, Piggy would have been what they needed. Piggy, being rational, continues to scream at the 

Ralph and everybody yelled, "I bet it's gone tea-time, Piggy said. What do they think they're going to do on that mountain" Piggy said about lighting the fire at night. What do they think they're going to do on that mountain? (Golding 2). The other boys are eager to start the fire on the mountain but, objectively speaking, Piggy realizes that starting the fire at night is not wise because no one can see the fire. If Piggy were the dictator, then the boys must have waited until the morning to launch the fire so they could see nearby ships to give them a better chance of being saved. Although this could be true, other people would agree that because of Jack's life before the island, Jack will be a better leader. " I ought to be chief, said Jack with simple arrogance because I'm chapter chorister and head boy. I can sing C sharp" (Golding 1). Jack's role of becoming a leader of a choir group in society is not equal to having to lead a group of boys through life without parents. Jack's choir leadership may not have the ability to set to be a mentor in survival. Overall, the logistical thought of Piggy must have made him a successful leader among the boys.

Next, when the boys remain on the island longer, they start losing hold of reality. Piggy keeps telling him when Ralph loses sight of the mission that is going to get them saved. "Course we have. Cos the smoke's a signal and we can't be rescued if we don't have smoke. I knew that! shouted Ralph"We've got course. Cos the smoke is a signal and if we don't have smoke, we can't be rescued. I knew that! Ralph shouted (Golding 11). Ralph is still losing his mind; when Piggy tells him of the flames, he gets it since Piggy is already sane and quickly remembers the scheme. As a leader, it does not reflect leadership to scream at your buddy who is trying to help. An opposing opinion may suggest that since he is more sane than Piggy, Simon would have been the better leader. Piggy and Ralph are happy to join in the dance "Piggy and Ralph, under the threat of the sky, found themselves eager to take place in the demented but partly secure society" (Golding 9). Simon did not participate and was not able to participate because Simon was not at least there. Simon talked to the "lord of the flies," realizing it was not a mirage, and Piggy even knew it was uncivilized after he was engaged with the other boys. Therefore, regardless of how Piggy kept on to society while the other boys let go of it, Piggy must have been the better chief.

To finalize, he has a handle on civilization with Piggy reasoning in rational ways and not being like a savage; he should have become the leader of all the boys. From Piggy; the beginning was to think critically about the fire for ships to see in daylight when the other boys didn't get it. Later, Ralph begins to forget that the fire is necessary when he loses his mind, but the meaning of the fire, Piggy being stable, reminds him. Son disagrees that because of his previous life of already becoming a leader or Simon as being more clear-minded than Piggy, the boys such as Jack should be chief. Jack's ability to lead the choir, however, can not coordinate in becoming a leader in helping stranded boys survive, and Simon proved himself wrong by not being more secure than Piggy by referring to a pig head on a stick believing it's the "lord of the flies." With the boys preferring the boy as the leader of the presence. They face problems that the boy with the experience has in the past, pointed out now.


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