Essay about The Pros and Cons of Plastic Use

Essay about The Pros and Cons of Plastic Use
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📌Published: 21 April 2021

Plastic has become a common material used in a wide variety of ways since it was produced. It is an invention that has benefited us for decades. Plastic is durable, resistant to water, low cost, needs fewer energy and heavy chemicals in production, and is lightweight. Although many may say plastic is bad for our environment, it can be beneficial to our world, because it can be made into many things, it decreases our need for fossil fuels, it preserves our natural resources.

Plastic can be made into many things. Recycling plays a big role in this case. In “The Benefits of Plastic”, paragraph 2, it states “Plastics bottles can be recycled and converted into jackets, drink containers, shopping bags, and containers”. This shows just how many benefits plastic has, and how we can save money on everyday things. In paragraph 1 it states, “Wood, metal, and even other animal-based products can now be made out of plastic”. Recycling plastic will help to decrease the amount of pollution in the air and water sources. If we don't recycle plastic correctly, it will have a negative effect on our world.

Our fossil fuel usage will go down. Research shows that electric cars are better for the environment. Electric Cars emit less greenhouse gases and air pollutants over their life span compared to a gas/diesel car. Using electric cars in the future will decrease pollution. “Many new car components that reduce the environmental impact of cars are plastic, like the casing of lithium batteries in electric cars” (paragraph 5, ‘The Benefits of Plastic’). Weight determines the distance an electric car can travel between charges. Using plastic makes lighter cars, which results in less battery drainage. This will have a positive effect on our community. 

Plastic can preserve our natural resources. On the other hand, some people argue that plastic causes pollution. This point of view makes sense   “Because plastic is synthetic, it’s cellular structure doesn’t decompose like natural materials” (“The Problem with Plastic”, paragraph 8). However, we can solve this problem by eliminating unnecessary plastic packaging and use things that are more reliable/useful like paper or fabric. “Recycling plastic bottles conserves energy and natural resources, reducing petroleum and natural gas consumption and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions. Manufacturing new plastic products from recycled material requires less energy than refining new plastic resins from raw material.” (“”, paragraph 5). Officials who use plastic for scientific purposes, preserve our natural resources and do not waste. 

In conclusion, plastic has some good effects in society, such as being able to be made into many things, decreasing our need for fossil fuels, and preserving our natural resources. With plastic being able to be made into many things, it saves our money on everyday things. Plastic decreasing our need for fossil fuels and natural resources helps with pollution, water sources, and reduces battery drainage. The only reason why plastic is harming our environment is because we don’t not dispose of it properly. We have to be very careful of what we do so we can preserve our world. 

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