Essay about Violent Behavior in Children and Adolescents

Essay about Violent Behavior in Children and Adolescents
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📌Published: 28 April 2021

Violent Behavior in children and adolescents can stem from many aspects, such as either in their Home, Community Park, or most commonly heard of, at School. Ideally, people argue that the cause of Violent Behaviors from children is prevalent because of what they hear from and learn from when the parents are not around. As much as how that statement is true, there are a whole lot more leading terms on why some Children experience explosive, Violent behaviors.

Exposure of Violence at Home is the most known sector for children’s violence. If a child were to be brought up in an unhealthy environment filled with negativity and no chance for the child’s personality to blossom, it will hinder the child’s developmental growth even as per physical growth. The child’s developmental growth process is critical because whatever they learn and what they see is what they will think is correct, and physically if they are degraded by their parents or siblings, they will intercept the hurtful comments making their self-image deteriorate at a very young age. Having a young child grasp and take account of behaviors that are not suited for their age will cause the child to experience troubles while they grow up. A family that is constantly stressed about certain things like Bills, Maintaining a clean home environment, or personal related issues can cause the child to be sidetracked from learning the material they need to absorb, putting unnecessary stress upon the child. It is no surprise that parents have lots of stress just to maintain themselves, but including that they have many responsibilities such as a child, a house to take care of, and or if they have a partner, it tends to be very hectic for them. Children do sense and see when their parents are overworked, which can generate them to feel bad as they feel they are no help to their guardians.

Family genetics can also be a source of a child’s violent behavior. This behavior is most known as Frustration and Aggression put together. Genetically, some people were born from parents who all their life have been violently misbehaved by their caregivers which makes it hard for their offspring to fight off the behaviors they were born into. The child may also have been born with a genetic mutation stemming the anger and frustration as seen in disobedient children today. There are ways to break the cycle of bad behaviors from a child but it’s ultimately the parent’s decision to make if they want to help their child be a better person in the future or have them continue to harshly Misbehaved throughout their lifetime. Children who are Misbehaved are likely known to act out in school. Since they know their parents are not with them at school, they think they can get away with doing something that they aren’t supposed to be doing which when they do get caught misbehaving, it would result in them getting detention, suspension, or expulsion within how serious the situation was. Bullying is prone to occur by misbehaved children because they seem to need to bother other kids for their pleasure and to have the victim of the situation take the blame for what the bully did. This can lead the innocent student within time exposed to excessive bullying to become a violently misbehaved child as well. 

Whether we like to hear it or not, statistically proven, physical abuse is recorded at least every 10 seconds to the “Child help National Child Abuse Hotline”. Physical abuse usually happens under the circumstance of the violent child’s guardian/s not being able to control their misbehaved child as the parent/s becomes more frustrated, so they result in striking the child as they hope that it would silence them from their misbehavior. The more the parents believe that the treatment of striking their child is beneficial for them, that same child is victimized because of the Physical Abuse they have to undergo daily because the parents now think they have “situated” the problem. Sexual Abuse is a rather hypersensitive topic but it’s unfortunate how some parents or other people take advantage of a young child for their body. Not only physically Abusing them, but abusing their private areas as they have no control cause they know that if they might move away or try to escape, they’d be in a lot more trouble than they were already in. not only is the child now traumatized for their life but now they have to live a life with lack of self-confidence which will ultimately make the child’s purpose in life slowly decay. most upsetting of it all is if the child is very young that experiences sexual abuse rather frequently, they will learn to live like sexual abuse is a natural thing to do and carry on that displeasing trait unless if the abuser is stopped and ended for good. Emotional Abuse is most commonly known as when the victim is emotionally talked down upon by their guardian/s or bullies. They seem to figure a way to make the victimized child hurt differently in a more intimate place being the emotions of a person. A child should never be told negative things about themselves because the likely hood of them believing what their parents or bullies say to them, will result in more anger and frustration leading the child to be more violent and develop even worse violent habits which can be life-threatening to what extent the child is on. 

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