Essay Example On Wildlife Biology

Essay Example On Wildlife Biology
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Wildlife biology is not only a field of study but a growing discourse community. Whether its conservation, research, or just a hobby it has all the makings of an influential discourse community. There are many ways for this to be communicated and many types of goals that are shared. The main purpose of wildlife biology is to make sure that our eco system can run as smooth as it can and that we do what we can by helping with invasive and endangered species.

Wildlife biology is degree that focuses on wildlife, their habitats, and their interactions. With this degree you can have careers such as wildlife manager, wildlife biologists, wildlife educator, wildlife enforcement officer, wildlife economist, and plenty more. With these careers they all want to help keep the wildlife safe and make sure that people are understanding what they can do to make sure that they don’t become extinct. They also all get to have some closer interactions with these animals that not many people get to have. That’s what makes this area such an interesting area to study. This major also can help people understand how to help people understand how the food chain properly runs and what can happen if the food chain doesn’t run properly. It helps make sure that our world will run as smoothly as it can with all of the changes in the world. 

Within this major people  mainly use social media to help get people’s attention so they can inform them about the wildlife. Some people have special websites like the WorldWildlife Foundation. They get their message across by selling clothes and stuffed animals and putting the proceeds to endangered species. Sometimes they will have tv shows that also get the point across to people. There is a show called Crickey It’s the Irwin’s and this show is about a family that owns the Australia Zoo. They show what it’s like to be working at a zoo and they inform people about each animal they show and how they can help care for them. This show has been a huge hit and is watched by a lot of people. They also will have petition adds pop up on social media and they will have an image that will start to appeal to your emotions.   Social media and tv networks are the top used ways to get the word across since most people are going on social media. Another way is they keep people informed is if you have usually donated to one organization you will get mail from the others. They will usually send you calendars, address labels, certificates, and little things like that. They also put in paper that informs you on what problems the animals are facing. This can cause people to think that they are making a big difference and catches their eye. 

A lot of the problems that animals are facing involve environmental issues. Wildlife biology works with agricultural and environmental science sometimes to get their points across. There is a movement called the Animal Save Movement and it talks about how bad animal agriculture is turning out to be for the earth. It also brings up issues about what vehicles we drive effect the air quality. The way we pollut the earth as humans effects the way the animlas live and that is one of the points that these types of organizations like to get across. When they do that they are able to then make us feel as if we are the ones who can change the problem. Since these problems usually involve animals and the environment both communities are benefiting off of each other. All of these communities have different areas of study, but they all have bits and pieces that actually work together. By doing this they all create a way to get more people interested in their area of study.

Wildlife biology can correlate with other discourse communities to help create a way to get there cause to become more well known.  This community really tries to make sure that we live in an earth that runs the way it is supposed to. They have many different methods of study, but all try and get the word out through social media and they try to work with other discourse communities.

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