Essay on Achilles and the Trojan War

Essay on Achilles and the Trojan War
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In the story of the Trojan War, Achilles demonstrates the qualities of a hero with courageous acts. To begin with, Achilles fights with courage and no fear against the Trojans. Achilles fights Hector, the bravest Trojan warrior, in one of his many battles. During this battle, Achilles defeated Hector without fear and then “dragged all that was left of glorious Hector” behind his chariot (Hamilton 274). Since Hector was the bravest Trojan warrior it would be a true defeat for the Trojans allowing the Greeks to use the Trojan loss to their advantage. Achilles had no fear while fighting Hector which is great heroic action. Though dragging the corpse of Hector behind his chariot may be seen as cruel, they were in a time of war in which any edge they could get on the opposing side was helpful. Since Hector contributed many skills to the Trojans and was viewed as a prized possession, Achilles knew the consequences would catch up to him shortly. Ultimately the death of Hector was a true downfall for the Trojans but also a true victory for Achilles and the Greeks. Also, Achilles exhibits courageousness during the last moments of his life. Since Achilles defeated the brave Trojan warrior, Hector, Achilles knew that revenge would come for himself. Achilles decided that “one more great feat of arms” would complete his life “before his fighting ended forever” (Hamilton 278). Achilles sacrificed and risked his life since he knew death would be inevitable and in his near future. Sacrifice is one of the most courageous acts one can perform because there is no gain from the actions. Achilles decided sacrifice would be the best way to go down with pride. Achilles was not going to go down without a fight and let his fellow Greeks down so he had one last battle with Memnon. Achilles defeated Memnon before being killed by Paris. The consequences that came with the murder of Hector ended up being the wrath of the Trojans in which they would not stop until Achilles paid for what he did to Hector. The death of Hector was worth it to Achilles because it would be advantageous to the Greeks in the future. All in all, Achilles showed bravery and sacrifice which are courageous acts that benefited the Greeks during the Trojan war.

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