Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloning Animals

Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloning Animals
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📌Published: 11 April 2021

Cloning is copying the DNA of an animal, a plant or a human by creating identical genes. The first cloned animal was a sheep which was named Dolly. Scientists also cloned mice, rats, rabbits and horses. It is a major breakthrough that people take an original DNA to create an exactly similar human. There are many factors which are associated with the fact that some people support human cloning, but health and economic causes are claimed to be the main reasons.

One reason why there are some people in favour of human cloning is health. Firstly, scientists will be able to grow human tissue and maybe they will complete human organs with stem cells in the future. Scientists’ target is to treat some ailments such as cancer, liver failure, kidney failure and damaged organs as a result of accidents, so people will not suffer from these problems. Secondly, scientists will supply rejuvenation by the production of clone tissue. Thus, some aging people who want to look young will never age. All in all, treatment of some serious illnesses and rejuvenation with research on stem cells are two basic health reasons.

Another cause of why there are some people in support of human cloning is economic. First of all, scientists want to sell organs which they make with stem cells. Nowadays, most ailing people are dying since they cannot find approved organ donation. Wealthy people are ready to pay money which is as much as the wish of the scientists or donor, so there is a lot of money in the organ trade. Second of all, developed governments aim to create warriors who have superior abilities like Rambo with human cloning because their purpose is to exploit other countries in order to improve their economy. Accordingly, they support human cloning secretly for a mandate system.

To sum up, health and economic factors are the two chief reasons why some people desire human cloning. While stem cell research can be of great help to treat illnesses, there can be some questions in the ethical dimension. Therefore, governments should make laws considering this research and their results carefully. 

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