Essay on Animal Testing: pro arguments

Essay on Animal Testing: pro arguments
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📌Published: 25 March 2021

Testing on animals has been the go to method for medical trails for many years.In facts, most US biologists endorse it.Is animal testing still necessary, if so why?Some people think that animal testing is a inhumane practices because countless amount of creatures are harmed.Although many people disagree with animal testing, there are still some good sides to it like they help people decide if products and medications are good for humans, they give quicker results, and other animals benefit from animal testing too.

To begin with, animal testing is the best way to find out if products and medications are safe for humans because without first testing on animals there is no knowledge of possible outcomes.According to the text, “animal testing is the best way of deciding whether products are safe for humans because animals are genetically similar to humans.”If animal testing didn’t exist it would result in humans dying in medical trials.Therefore, life saving drugs would never reach the market since there would be no way to test them.Vaccines for diseases (like polio and mumps)were tested on animals.As a result, humans no longer die from them.

In addition, animal testing also gives quicker results than humans because they live shorter lives so long term side effects appear much sooner. According to source one the author states“If we used humans for these, researches could take 200 years while with mice, it can take less than 10 years.All mammals have the same essential internal organs and have the health issues.So therefore scientists can use the results of medical experiments from animals on human.Now scientists can be more confident when its time to experiment on humans in clinical trials since they have already tested it out on animals.

As a result, many other animals benefit from animal testing too.According to the text “Without animal testing, koala bears likely would have gone extinct many years ago from rampant diseases”.Without animal testing animals would be at risks for catching diseases such  rabies, distemper, anthrax, hepatitis, feline leukemia and many more.Many people are oppose to this because they fear animals undergoing medical testing are tortured.Source one states that “there are regulations put in place that animals receive the necessities needed”.This shows that animals are not harms in this medical process.

In Conclusion animal testing is good because they help decide if products and medications are good for humans, they give quicker results and other animals benefits from animal testing to.Different methods of testing are either unethical or give suspects at best.Before animal testing vaccines were not possible, people would not name there children before their to keep them from getting attached in case the died from a illness.Animal testing saves more lives then it harms.

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