Essay on Articles of Confederation Example

Essay on Articles of Confederation Example
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📌Published: 14 March 2021

Confederation is the solution to not lose our loved ones, our money, our land, our wealth, and everything we worked so hard for. Confederation is when colonies or lands join together to make one nation. I’m Charles and I am married and a father, my goal is to move to Rupert's land and become a farmer. The main reasons I want Confederation to happen are, that railway to be able to move and export goods through the different colonies, being able to buy land in Rupert's land for farming purposes, and being able to keep my family and everything I worked for safe. As you can see Confederation is the solution to the problems going on in our lives and in the separate colonies.

Firstly, a reason I want confederation to happen is the railway, this factor affects me and other citizens of the different colonies deeply. Starting, I need the railway to move myself and my family to Rupert's land. Many citizens in the different colonies need a way of transportation to move throughout the colonies. The railway will help me and my family be moved to Rupert’s land in a fast and safe way.  The railway will also allow me and other people to travel faster and better. If there is a battle happening or a war, soldiers could use the railway to get to the frontlines quicker and more efficiently. Furthermore, I could also use the railway to export goods from my farm to people around the colonies, this could help make me money. Also being able to export goods from colonies that are rich in food could help them become more wealthy, also if a place is having famine or a drought, the government could send them rations and support through the railway. The railway plays an important role in many people's lives: transportation, exporting, importing, job opportunities, are some of the benefits it brings. Everyone needs to move and sell goods and this will be possible because of Confederation.

If you think that's the only reason I have, you are wrong because another reason I want confederation to happen is with land. A lot of people want confederation to happen because of land because they are not happy with the land in their area. The first thing I need to do is get the colonies to join together. If the colonies were to become united  I will be able to buy land and start farming, and I will be able to sell my crops. If we were to have Confederation I will be able to buy land in Rupert’s land, I will also be able to house my family on the land I will buy, but most importantly I will be able to pursue my dream of becoming a farmer. With the crops I would grow, I could sell them and make money which would be beneficial for me and my family. Also if the colonies join together my son will finally be able to buy a house, my son has a wife and is planning to start a family of their own. For that, they would need land but the land where we live is too expensive and we can not afford the land. Land in Rupert’s land is much cheaper compared to the land where we currently live. Then my son will finally be able to buy a house and start a family. The colonies joining together will give a new generation the opportunity to move to new areas, and help them buy land to start farming.

Another reason I want confederation to happen is because I do not want to lose everything because of an American invasion. Many people including me fear that we will get invaded by the Americans, with all the threats we are getting it is very likely the Americans are planning something. An invasion could result in us losing everything we worked so hard for. I fear that if we do get invaded by the Americans, I won't be able to be a farmer, nor will I be able to buy land and make money, meaning I will not be able to support my family. If an American invasion does happen people would lose their jobs and everything leaving the community without a stable economy. If we have Confederation the Americans could hesitate to attack since they know we're stronger together and since we are no longer pieces of land. In addition, a lot of people fear that if we go into war with the Americans while we are still in separate colonies, we won't stand a chance which could result in us losing our jobs, money, or land, and most importantly our family and loved ones. If we don’t have confederations we will lose everything that we worked for and everything and everyone we care for.

Coming to an end, if the colonies join together we could keep our hard-worked money, land, and be able to keep our family and loved ones safe. Confederation plays a big role in our daily lives and is very important if we wanna grow stronger as a nation and not be scared of losing everything we worked so hard for. Also with Confederation, we will be able to move around the colonies freely with the Railway. Confederation also creates thousands of opportunities for jobs, education, better transportation, wealth, etc. Confederation is the only option for our different colonies to become stronger, and that is possible by becoming one strong nation.


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