Essay On Asian Elephants

The Asian elephant is up to 9ft tall. They can weigh from 2-5 tons. There are only 30,000-50,000 Asian elephants left. They live in forest and swamp areas. Their whole diet is plants and fruits.

The Asian elephant is endangered because of habitat loss, food scarcity, and poaching.

The Asian elephant is dealing with habitat loss. The reason for this is because humans are cutting down forests to build roads, houses, and farms. This causes elephants to go on to farms which causes elephants to come into contact with humans.

Asian elephants are suffering from food loss. This is because humans destroy their habitat which contains all of their food because an elephant's diet consists of grass, tree bark and small roots from plants. They are herbivores which means they only eat plants. Without their habitat they get no plants. So then elephants start to go on farms to look for food and water. As elephants feest on crops which causes farmers to want to get rid of elephants. 

Poaching is a problem that elephants have to deal with. People poach for elephant tusks to produce ivory. Ivory is used to make many things like jewelry, piano keys, and many more. Another reason for poaching elephants is for their skin to make various other jewelry. Poaching is the biggest threat to elephants. If an elephant is killed in front of its group it will really emotionally harm the other elephants especially if it is a grown female elephant because they are the leaders and are like the mothers.

The reason the Asian elephant is going extinct is because of poaching. Thankfully the WWF is trying to help save the elephants.


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