Essay On Backpacks

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  • Published: 08 May 2021
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When people say that they've got a weight on their shoulders, they could mean it metaphorically. Or they could be talking about those ten pounds on your spine that forces you to look at your feet all the time when you stroll through your school. Yeah, that's right. I'm talking about backpacks. Those bright red cartoon bags you had in kindergarten are much different when you hit middle school.  They're a constant irritation that every student in America has to face, and the next step for immobility in kids. 

Backpacks always seem to hold unnecessary items. Textbooks, pencils, worksheets, and that doesn't even include sports or extracurricular activities . But yet, students everywhere carry them, for TWELVE years in a row! You sprint down the halls and jump up the stairs with them, leaving a sore ache in your legs at the end of a school day. But nobody ever questions this ridiculous concept. Backpacks are like a mysterious bruise; You don't know how you ended up with it and you're not quite sure what to do with it. 

Essential space in your locker or your bedroom always seems to be filled with a backpack. The reason that you have to carry your lunchbox AND your coat in your hand? It's because the space that you should be keeping those things is taken up by a backpack or something similar, like a gym bag. ( But that's another story). Even the wiggle space for your feet under your desk is occupied by these dreaded backpacks. Now imagine being able to walk from class to class, with your PHONE in your hand, and not having to worry about juggling a million other things. All you have to do is snap your fingers, drop your backpack, and NEVER  pick it up again. 

Everyone knows that one of the major rules in any school, anywhere is to never harm other  students. But did you know the shockingly high probability of knocking someone over when you walk by them with your backpack? Next time, try taking a look at that kid you just shoved past when you were walking in the hallway. That look of pain and surprise would make any sympathetic students swear off of backpacks for the rest of the school year, and maybe even longer.  Those things hurt. And if you're short or tiny, brace yourself every time someone taller strolls past, or you might end up on the ground. A lot.

You might be thinking there's a solution to this dilemma. And there might be. You could either a) don't buy a backpack b) buy a backpack but don't bring it to school, or c) don't go to school. But the thing is, you can never truly evade the disadvantages of a backpack. They will always be heavy, and space consuming, and painfully pointy ended. Classes are already hard for most of us, but to add on, we have to carry this horrific weight on our shoulders. And you wonder why we " love" to come to school every day.


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