Essay on benefits of online school education

Essay on benefits of online school education
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The potential in a kid’s performance is super high during online school. Many people complain about online school being difficult, which is technically correct, but the amount of time they have to do the work increases by hours. Online school has allowed students to have as much time as possible to finish missing assignments and give teachers more time to grade and assess student skills like never before.

When a student asks a question, he could have the lesson recorded to look back at later. “Recording lectures will ensure you don’t miss anything important; plus, being able to listen to it back” ( After the class is over, looking back at a lesson is one of the best ways for a struggling student to improve and learn academically. It is easier for the teacher because all a student needs to do is ask questions about the recording, and the teacher would just answer. The live recording takes place with everyone around. The teacher would give the students the recording; if not, the student can quickly screen record or screenshot parts of the lesson for later on. This goes back to the potential students have in an online course. The student would have numerous ways to learn more about the subject, and it will also allow the student to learn how to act independently while learning at the same time. Of course, reviewing will consume time from a student, but passing the class will be incredibly straightforward. 

You don’t have to worry about traveling to school and have more control over your schedule. While in an online school, some people have to take a 1-hour drive just to get to school, but with online school, you don’t even have to leave your house, meaning you will have more family time. If you want, you could even enroll while traveling to another state or country ( During this time and the reason, you will have hours and hours of spending time with family and friends while enrolling. You will be comfortable in your house without risking a car crash or anything from the outside danger (especially in the winter). Finally, you won’t have to worry about catching a cold by the spread in school. The way it fixes travel is super time-saving because the amount of time it takes to go to school and come back differs for each person. Still, many people have to travel an hour because of either traffic or because they live in quiet areas; this would make the child or teacher lose an hour of work just to drive. 

Counterclaim:  online school is not successful because of all the distractions that will take place in a student or teacher. This will significantly impact a student’s grades, causing them to fail.

Evidence that proves the counterclaim wrong: although distractions are one thing, learning how to cope with distractions is another. As stated, a student will learn how to be independent one way or another. Failing a class can be the driving force for a student to wake up to reality, as a student will panic about their grades they will for sure try to do anything they can to raise it up.

Analysis (how your evidence proves them wrong): Students fear failure, teachers fear failure, everybody fears failure. Failure is the turning point in a person’s life; it is a wake-up call that thrives a person’s perspective and motivates them to do better. Many people are grateful they failed because failure changed them; by failing, they learned new strategies to do better in any subject. If we plug in the grading system into this, it could motivate students to adapt to new experiences; by doing this, they will think smarter and control their distractions.

Link back to claim: since students have more time to finish their work. For instance, a student that is currently failing can bring his/her grades up quicker. The student is basically living at his own school. He or she has all day to work on it without having to worry about traveling to school. They will eventually develop new strategies to achieve excellence in class and adapt to the new system. While teachers will also establish new methods to teach the children, they too will learn from this experience. Teachers will see students’ progress and see how well the student and the teacher worked together in online courses. Of course, teaching online is hard, but if they find new strategies (like a sudden callout on a student), everybody will be engaged in work.

Restated Claim: Since teachers have more time to grade and assess student skills like never before, Online school has given students more time to finish missing assignments.

Restated Summary:  just because a student gets less instruction time does not mean there aren’t ways to go around that. Students have been given more hours of work and self-study (being independent) while also having the opportunity to screen record and screenshot instruction. 

Hook Rewrite (Why does this matter): The potential in a kid’s performance is super high during online school. 


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