Essay on Cancel Culture

With social media set to become exceedingly important in this generation, you have probably heard of the term canceled. To put it in basic forms when somebody becomes canceled, it is usually a celebrity who loses supporters or their fans from people calling them out on toxicity or wrongdoing.  For example, earlier this year Ellen DeGeneres was considered canceled for allegations of being a toxic person off the camera.  In this invasion of Ellen’s professionalism, tons of false accusations were thrown against Ellen.

You would probably think that canceling might just be karma, but that is not always true. Some others may see canceling somebody as a form of bullying or harassment which gives you reason to believe that it can be hurtful and wrong. In my opinion, you agree with cancel culture until you find yourself being the one being called out. I know this to be exceptionally true because I have seen this in person. I especially believe that from evidence earlier that determines cancel culture is wrong when, people are accusing you of doing something that is not even true. Imagine having your career come to an end because of a something a person said, who has nothing to do with you.

Just for a minute imagine losing everything over some hoax, imagine having people hate you over a simple mistake or something that you know to be incorrect. It must feel awful especially if no evidence supports the accusations. All the work that you must have done for it all to come crashing down. Without a doubt that would make anyone feel terrible. From everything said still with the illustrating mindset in your head of everything wrong happening to you at once. I bet that anybody could admit that it is one of their worst fears. 

Despite this, I also believe that if you are able to come up with an undeniably true claim about a certain person and you feel like it’s necessary to take action against their mistake , I would say that if canceling is the action you take then that’s more reasonable  than having a nonsensical argument with no evidence. At this point from my perspective canceling seems like an appropriate action in the context. I can absolutely guarantee that 90% of the claims against celebrities are either false or do not make any sense, because of this I have reason to believe that the untrue accusations are the most hurtful.

In conclusion, I do not agree with cancel culture. The reason behind this is simple, anything that can be considered harassment or bullying is wrong. Exposing people based on a small mistake and making them look worse than they are is wrong.  In my opinion it does not matter in what format it is in (text, social media, websites,) or in person. If you want to talk to somebody about a problem you have with them, do it in person not share it with the whole community online. Being apart of the social media generation I know how influential the internet has become and our generation is the one it is responsible for. In the future I can encourage everybody to just be direct with solving issues. It is not worth getting all the attention that will likely just come back onto you negatively.  Hopefully, there is no question that cancel culture is wrong and can be stopped if everyone does there best and does not go around spreading false rumors for attention.


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