Essay on Choosing A Career At Young Age

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  • Published: 11 May 2021
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Have you ever been asked what type of career you want when you get older? Sometimes I am hesitant about answering that question because I am still young, and have plenty of time to decide. You should not be in a rush to decide what you want to do. In my opinion, you should not commit to a career when you are young because you may realize that you are not satisfied, you might decide that you want more out of life, and it might be too stressful for a young person.                                   

If you commit to your career too early in life, you may find that you’re not satisfied. When you are still young,  you might choose a career that will make you happy in your early years, but it might develop into something that you do not like when you get older. For example, my father complains day in and day out about his job that he’s had for 20+ years. He always tells me that he wishes he could be doing something else because he does not like it at all. He started working as soon as he finished college. Unfortunately, he’s had to suffer from a decision he made when he was young for over 20 years.

The second problem with choosing a career early is you might decide that you want more out of life. Your career choice might be enough for right now, but later on in life, you may come to find that the career isn’t what you thought it was. As you age, you tend to mature and your mindset and values tend to change. Your mindset or values may not be the same, so you may see the job as you once did.

Last but not least, devotion to a career at a young age might cause more stress than happiness. A young person worrying about a career might be a very stressful task. If you start stressing early, you may wind up quitting a good job. You do need to plan for your future when you are young, but it is nothing you should stress over.


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