Essay on Competition in Our Society

Competitiveness as we know it has been the key to survival in nature, but as society advances the need for being competitive is no longer. Although it may help inspire and challenge people, it can also foster hate and aggression. Competition brings others down and promotes selfishness.

Oftentimes, we believe in order to succeed in life we must compete with others and climb to the top. Working alongside peers instead of against them can promote friendships, new opportunities, and positivity. It is believed that the only reason humans compete is because we like the feeling of power and advantage. To many, this is a twisted way of thinking. When people compete they are just bringing others down to make them feel better about themselves. Many will argue that without competition, you will achieve nothing in life. The question is, Why break down people who could benefit you? If you have your peers’ back, then they will have your’s. It is as simple as that. 

Competition has been known to stroke the egos of many. If someone wins, then they are automatically better than the other competitors. We all know that this is not true, but due to human nature and selfishness many believe that is how it works.  Selfishness can develop into more serious issues, such as personality disorders and detachment behaviors. This can be serious because as humans, we need to build off each other and support one another. If someone is too competitive and has become selfish, it would be very hard to do that and that person would most likely live a very lonely secluded life. 

In conclusion, competitiveness fosters selfishness and is not needed in today’s society. It is an old way of thinking used to suppress others. Our world could progress much further if we all stood together instead of bringing one another down. Truthfully, we would be nothing without each other, so why not be as one.


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