Essay on Coronavirus : The Unlucky 19

Essay on Coronavirus : The Unlucky 19
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📌Published: 12 March 2021

The Corona virus and I used to be friends, I could sit at home and work out or play video games. There was never that much work to do so the school was not an issue. A Lot of people think that sitting at home having nothing to worry about would be the best thing, not me. I do not like to do nothing. I like to go out and adventure, but because of this brutal virus I could not.

Into the summer my parents would not let me go out and I did not want to do anything on a sunny eighty degree day. So I told my mom that I will be fine and cautious. The first day out I went to the beach with some of my friends. Once we were there for 2 hours we started getting hungry so we wanted a slice of pizza. When we walked four blocks just to realize that the pizza place was not open, because there were not enough workers there to run the place. The next place to eat was at least another four blocks and no one wanted to walk so we had to just get snacks at seven eleven.  The worst thing are these dirty annoying rags that we have to put on our face. At least every time one of my friends forgot a mask and were not allowed to get stuff. 

Over this long time I have become much more mucchore and much more appreciative for all the stuff I have. Maybe all of this stuff was planned for everyone to have time to learn about themselves and become more independent and mucchore. We can not forget that this is not a joke and that so many people have died and the people that risk their lives for the benefits of us.
A long time has passed and it has made me realize that this is a hard thing to overcome. We can not do it alone and that covid is not our friend.

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