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  • Published: 14 September 2021
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The camera was invented by Johann Zahn in 1685 (Abrol, 2015), and this one has changed in many versions to be suitable for people’s demands today. Compared to the past, people had to go to studios to take their photos, otherwise, now under the development of technology, they can have various ways by different types of cameras to exhibit their stunning pictures. Presently, film photography is returning to the young generation, and they are separated into two groups of film and digital. Generally, both film and digital photography create beautiful images for people, however, digital photography has larger storage and varied quality rather than films making digital cameras more popular today for everyone.

With the growing technology in the passing day, capacity is one of the main differences between digital and film cameras. Regarding digital photography own tiny memory cards which practically can hold up to thousands of pictures, moreover, when their stores are full, people can bring other cards to change it easily. While film cameras need to spend money purchasing their film roles, however, these rolls are limited, commonly, the film rolls just get 36 exposures so that they only store 36 photos (Haparnas). Besides, with respect to the developing equipment, digital cameras have their image sensors which help them capture and put in storage automatically, but these do not exist in film cameras (Tabora, 2019). Consequently, this characteristic brings digital to become more efficient, convenient, and speed to take fabulous portraits for everyone especially photographers.

In addition, the cost is also one of the elements, digital photography has certainly become more enjoyable than films. Based on the capacity, the digital is just with their tiny memory cards but having a huge ability to store pictures, so digital buyers do not require to pay for another part except when you have demands to use more memory cards. Furthermore, people can look at directly their images without the printing process like films. That’s why possessing film photography, besides paying for their cameras, people must expend money for producing printed photos and enough rolls depending on the number of required images (Tabora, 2019). Demanding on the printing process, photographers are obliged to have a dark room with a specific chemical to generate gorgeous photos that are extremely a complicated step and request an expensive cost to prepare all necessary tools (StudyMoose, 2017).

Not only the above reasons but also the quality of photos are the main points when people decide to buy their own cameras. Thanks to the modern function, the digital commit immediately views and feedback to their images without waiting for the disseminating photographs similarly like films. According to this benefit, people seem to be more tech-savvy to edit directly on their cameras that is not absent in film photography. Additionally, for digital cameras, these day specialists and creators have contained sensors that reduce among other noises, shake and distortion increasing both the image correction and quality (Tabora, 2019).  As the result, although the films and digital cameras have the quite same photos’ quality, the digital is more proficient to support photographers in capturing pretty photos.

In conclusion, even though film photography is not old today, the convenience and storage are pieces of evidence when people consider granting for their own cameras. Thus, digital photography is a good choice for photographers nowadays.


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