Essay on Fantasy Football

Essay on Fantasy Football
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What you want to do when you want to play fantasy football is find a big group of your friends and sign up for a fantasy football league. When you all sign up, decide on when you guys should have your fantasy draft and the place where you want to have it. Figure out how much your group wants to play because whoever is the top three in the standings at the end of the year gets the money. After you decide how much you are supposed to play, tell the group to bring their money on draft night because then you don’t have to wait or worry about people paying their money during the season and at the end of the season.

The second step you want to do is make mock drafts and decide which players you want to draft each round. When you create these mock drafts, you want to look at every players’ stat because this will help you determine who you want to draft for the first round. You are going to be stressed out when you do these mock drafts because you want the best players on your team so you can be the fantasy football champion at the end of the season. When you do this process, you want to make a lot of mock drafts because then you won’t be stressed out when draft night comes and it’s time to draft your team. These mock drafts are supposed to be confidential and you don’t want to tell anybody who you are drafting because your friend in the group might draft the player that you wanted first.

The third move you want to do is go to place where your fantasy group is having your draft. It’s a good idea to go to a restaurant. You should eat before you start your draft because then you will be able to concentrate and you won’t be hungry when you are doing your draft. When you start the draft, you will have to wait five minutes before the first round starts because then you can get your mind focused, and all of the group members can join the draft. When the draft starts you get one minute to decide who you want to pick and it will all depend on what number of pick you have and if you will have a low pick or a high pick.

You want to have a low draft pick because then you will have a better chance of drafting the player that you want to pick for the first round. If your player is selected before you get to pick, it’s always good to have a second option because if you don’t have a second option it’s going to be hard on who you want to pick. When it’s your turn to pick, you want to see if your player is still on the board and if he is you can draft him; however, if he isn’t, go look to see who plays that same position and decide if that player will put up a lot of points when the season starts. When you’re drafting it’s always good to draft a running back for your first and second round pick (Fantasy Football Draft Strategy). They are the ones who put up the most points during the season. They will help you put up a lot of points each week. 

For the third, fourth, and fifth round you want to draft your wide receivers because they get a lot of points and yards. Every touchdown they catch and will also put up a lot of points for your team. For the sixth round, you want to draft your quarterback; you want to select one of the best quarterbacks that are still on the draft board because they don’t put up a lot up a lot of points because their point totals are different then the running backs and wide receivers. The quarterbacks will still put up a good amount of points when they throw a touchdown pass or run it in for a touchdown. In the seventh round, you want to draft your tight end and they will help get you touchdown passes when they are in the red zone because they are so tall and reliable when a team is about to score. 

In the 8th- 12th round, you can start drafting your defense, kicker, and your bench players because the first seven rounds of the draft are the players that are going to be on your starting roster when the season starts. Now the draft is done, it’s always a good idea to go look at your draft grade because your draft grade shows how good of a draft you had. You will also see what the fantasy app predicts on what your record is going to be during the season and you want a record that shows that you will win more games than you lose because then you will get a good playoff spot and you will be ranked good in the standings. When you get done drafting you always want to ask yourself if you are happy on the team that you have drafted or you are disappointed on the team you have drafted and you wish that you could’ve drafted a better team.

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