Essay On Italian Cinema

The films Terraferma, Cinema Paradiso, and Benvenuti Al Sud all show forms of Italian culture. These movies revolve around the idea of immigration and display diverse situations that all pertain to immigrants and immigration. In all three of these films, you will see how the primary characters all face immense challenges of either being in a foreign location or helping a foreigner. 

In the film Cinema Paradiso, the idea of immigration went in the direction of Salvatore leaving to get a better life. Salvatore’s decision to leave his hometown was heavily influenced by his good family friend Alfredo, Alfredo was able to shine a light on how much better he and his family could live if he pursued his life someplace else. 

Salvatore’s frame of mind is densely similar to the immigrants that were shown in Terraferma. In Terraferma the immigrant also fled from a harsh living environment. Filippo and his grandfather helped multiple immigrants because they follow a Fisherman’s rule to help people adrift in the sea. These immigrants displayed a scarce demeanor. Filippo carried this same demeanor after they rescued these immigrants. Even though Filippo and his family were in a tough situation they still helped. The immigrant showcased in Terraferma shares the same mindset of disorientation as Alberto. 

In the film, Benvenuti Al Sud Alberto is forced to move to Southern Italy. When he arrives he is greeted and shown his home, unfortunately, he has no furniture so his coworker offers him a place to stay. Alberto made it obvious that he did not belong or want to be here but the people around him welcomed him and constantly showed him kindness. Even when Alberto would accuse them of being thieves because of their stereotype. Through the actions of the people surrounding Alberto, Alberto realizes the stereotype does not capture the true identities of the citizens in Southern Italy. All these films equally represent the attitude all Italians retain and how their attitude pushed them to make the decisions they did.


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