Essay on My Hobby and Personal Goals

Essay on My Hobby and Personal Goals
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📌Published: 03 April 2021

My name is Fabian Figueroa and I am a student at Northeast High School aiming to achieve major accomplishments in life. My goals are to become the first person in my family to obtain a Bachelor's degree, become a successful YouTuber, develop my own video game, and move out of state. I plan to major in graphic design and minor in business in the hopes that furthering my education will better prepare me for my chosen career path. My hobbies include playing video games, hanging out with friends and family, watching YouTube, writing and listening to music. On a more physical level, I enjoy playing sports as I am pretty athletic myself. 

Although I have several goals, my goal of becoming a successful YouTuber is one of my biggest dreams. I love the way people can monetize off of creating content on things they love and enjoy doing every day. As I am aware that this may be accomplished without having a college degree, it is still important to me to enhance my skills and knowledge of using computers, editing programs, and most importantly the ins and outs of the graphic design world. It is ideal in order for me to perfect my craft. Choosing to continue my education is not only ideal in order for me to perfect my craft, but it also allows me to achieve some of my goals while preparing me to do what I love as a career.

One of my favorite hobbies is playing video games. I love playing video games; the experience, the whole concept behind them. Each video game has a storyline, different goals, and mechanics. I want to one day be both a part of the team developing a new video game and the team testing it. Besides video games, writing music is the outlet I utilize to express myself. A fun fact about me is that I have actually written a few songs and recorded them in a studio. 

Playing sports plays an enormous role in both my physical health and appearance. Although I enjoy watching football and basketball, I would much rather be a part of the action. I have been playing basketball since I was 10 years old for several different leagues throughout Philadelphia. My leagues have won championships and I have made some good friends along the way. In my high school, I have been a part of the track and field team since freshman year. In 2018, we won the Public League Championship in Philadelphia. Aside from basketball and track, I have also played flag football as well as other sports. Working out is part of my daily routine. I have been taught the importance of diet and exercise so I also try to eat as clean as I can to maintain a lean physique. Working out also enhances my stamina, strength, and speed which are all good to have while playing sports. 

One day, I would like to have accomplished all the goals I have set for myself. My dream of becoming a successful YouTuber will be my main goal with my other minor goals getting done in between. I want to make gaming content, sports content video games, and much more for people to enjoy. I want to become a household name in the gaming industry! Furthering my education in graphic design and business management is going to give me an advantage in my career of choice. In my eyes, I believe that I can accomplish everything I want and get past the obstacles that challenge me with hard work and dedication.


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