Essay on My Mexican Rescue Dog

We had finally arrived. They had just set her down in front of us, and she looked scared. She was shaking, and wouldn’t even walk. We had to carry her on a walk around the block multiple times until we could drive her home.

My family now had a Mexican rescue dog. We knew that we wanted to adopt a pet into our family. But we also knew that it would be a lot of work. But, because of Covid and having to stay home, we applied to get a rescue dog. I thought that this would be a great idea. I had butterflies in my stomach when we first drove to see her. And now here we are, in my Mom’s car, driving home with our new furry little friend. My family and I knew that would be a wonderful addition to our family. 

We arrived home shortly after three o’clock, and we walked our new dog into our house. We decided to name her Kila (Pronounced Kyla) after YMCA Camp Orkila. We had many things we needed to work on. Especially potty training. With owning a dog, there were and are lots of bumps along the way. If I told you them all, this would be way too long, but I’ll spare you from all that reading and give you the most important parts. 

For her first night, it became obvious from her howling that we needed to move her crate into my parents bedroom to calm her down. She now sleeps fine with my parents in her crate. For the first couple of weeks, we took her out every few hours, unless she indicated that she had to go, due to all the accidents that happened. But, we eventually got to a point where she was potty trained and sat at the door when she needed to go.

I think that having a dog is wonderful. Yes, they do require walks, bathroom breaks, and food, but overall, I like it. In the beginning of having a dog, it requires much more work than later on. You have to train them to not bark, which we are still working on with Kila, not to go potty in the corner, and to do tricks. If you want a pet, I would definitely consider a dog. In the end, I think that it will be worth it.



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