Essay on Pay Gaps In Canada

Essay on Pay Gaps In Canada
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📌Published: 24 April 2021

In Canada it is illegal to pay someone less because of their disability, race, gender and other factors. Although it is illegal it still happens every day. Hi my name is Sara and today I am going to talk about the gender pay gap, why it happens, statistics and how we can close or decrease it.

Women in Alberta actually get paid more than women in any other province but they still get paid 40 percent less than men for the same or a similar job. Today I am going to tell you some reasons why this happens. 1. When women have children they are forced to leave work for a short period of time. Sometimes after women come back to work after having a baby they get paid less, as when a man comes back after taking time off after having a baby they're paid more this is called the fatherhood bonus. 2. When women have children they make themselves flexible and are sometimes judged for it. A study showed that women and men usually get different reactions when asking for a more flexible schedule. When men asked for a flexible schedule they were most likely seen as productive and were favored while it was the complete opposite for women. Women are usually the ones expected to take care of kids and take time off work for that,  but why can’t men do it? Maybe it's because they won't get paid enough, another reason might be that in the past taking care of children was a female responsibility and some people still believe that it is. Why is it still happening? Sometimes employers pay women less because they are biased and tend to overlook women and think that men have better leadership skills, but this is not true at all. A Harvard business study showed that women ranked higher than men in 12 out of 16 leadership positions.

Next let's talk about statistics. As I already mentioned, women in Alberta get paid 40 percent less than men. But that is only white women and men as it is much worse for  women of colour, aborginal women, and women with disabilities. In 2010, women of colour got paid 64 cents for every dollar a white man got and aborignal women got 46 percent less than men. It is even worse for women with disabilities. Women with disability working full time and half time got paid approximately 54 cents for every dollar a man got

Lastly, I am going to tell you some ways we could decrease the pay gap and ways we can close it. 1. Dividing work at home, for example taking turns to take time off and take care of kids as I stated earlier many women make more flexible schedules which causes them to get paid less. By dividing work at home women wouldn't have to take as much time off. 2. Knowing the law, in Canada if you get paid less for your gender, disability, race or more factors you can sue your employer because it's illegal. 3. Speak out about it, if someone you know is getting paid less for something like their gender then you should say something. even if you don't know someone that's being affected by this you can still say something. What I just stated are only three ways there are a lot more.

To conclude this speech, I am going to tell you about what I talked about. I stated why the gender pay gap happens, the statistics and how we can close or decrease the gender pay gap. Thank you for listening.


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