Essay On Social Media Addiction

Self-control is something that most people are not entitled to. It is hard to achieve, especially when it comes to social media. This type of technology Harm’s people and it has many side effects, but there are three main reasons that it does more harm than good. It has become one type of addiction. Anxiety, depression and other health issues could be due to social media’s effects. People have lost the true meaning of life. Addiction could be a strong word for spending too much of our time and money on social media. So many teenagers are struggling with managing their time among schoolwork, family time and screen time. Having said that this addiction is not specifically for one group of age. Adults suffer from this type of addiction as well.

Nowadays, everyone could name a person in their family who’s using their phone browsing on social media or checking their latest posts every five seconds. It has been more than a few months that I have gotten rid of my social media and the quality of my life has never been the same. I have a theory that if people chose to delete their Instagram and snapchat accounts most of their health issues would disappear for good. But as they say, “Rome was never built on one day.” Anxiety and depression have increased among young folks due to their tendency towards isolation, and social media drags them into its box without their awareness of their own situation. For instance, there is a documentary about a Chinese Canadian girl named Lisa Lam who wanted to travel the world and get away from her depression. She noted all her thoughts in the social media. As she said talking about her plans and thoughts with the strangers makes her feel included and not any different from others. Health issues due to social media are not only mentally, but also physically. It is a well-known fact that staring too long at a screen will cause damages to the eye and it weakens its function.

Sometimes people who are deep into their phone forget to sit back straight and it causes them back pain and sore neck. And the list will go so on so forth. It is nearly impossible that people attend to a social event and not post a picture or a video on social media. The life of people across the globe is recorded every minute by minute. And they are willingly sharing their personal lives with strangers all around the world. Away from that most people forgot that this is not how life works. A realistic life could not be as perfect as it shows on the social media. So, let’s be realistic and by doing so we can lessen the chances of harm from the social media. One way of releasing ourselves from the trap of social media is to practice self-control and not let our ego win over us.


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