Essay On The Role Of Literacy In My Life

Essay On The Role Of Literacy In My Life
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Literacy has been hugely beneficial to me over the course of my life. I believe that literacy is the ability to read books. Through the course of time, I came to understand that literacy is a more complex journey. Which involves learning how to take written words and their meanings to me and put them in words. While also involving the ability to express our opinions and feelings. Literacy is something that is not mastered but learned through the course of time. Which has been overlooked at times in elementary or other education levels. I am an undergraduate in Kennesaw State University and I still feel like literacy is still evolving. The main reason for my slow literacy level is due to my lack of experience. So, I will explain this through this autobiography of my literacy experiences gained throughout my life. Which eventually helped my literacy skills.

My earliest memories of literacy were at a young age listening to my grandmother reading the little critter book series. I loved these books as a child. I don't quite remember many details about these reading sessions, but I'm certain that the funny images of everyday adventures which I could relate to are the main reason why I was captivated by them. Amusing oneself through imaginative reading is certainly a good way to start. Although I do not know of very many children who read scholarly writings as a starting point into literacy.

So, this brings me to my growing up years. Where I watch plenty movies and television sitcoms like saved by the bell reruns. During my growing up years I spent a lot of time in school, learning how to write and read. I remember my first-grade teacher Ms. Curry back in the Bahamas used to tell us to sound out each letter, how to use these sounds to create words, and eventually how to string these words into sentences. My Cat is small and fluffy. I don't remember specific details, but I'm certain that sentences like that were common in our reader's book. My reading at school was further applied at home. Which my parents played a major role in that, especially my mother. She made sure I was on task with all my reading assignments and homework. At the beginning it was very difficult with growing pains, but the end results were very satisfactory. So eventually I progressed and became a very good reader through this.

I believe my upbringing in a religious home also played a key role in my reading ability. I often, in church I read passages from the new king James version. These scriptural readings help me develop my reading skills. I recall having the goal or ambition to want to learn how recite these scripture readings out loud in a convincing manner to the congregation. Through this only fueled my desire to read these scriptural accounts as I would a dramatic text. While knowing that I'm the kind of person who would choose a romantic comedy movie over a book any day of the week. So, the only times I would read novels by famous authors was in school. During my middle and High school years, I have read a few standards of American literature like To Kill a Mockingbird. Though I rarely care much for the idea of reading as my favorite activity, I really enjoyed reading this book. But these reading assignments will eventually lead to little more than reading discussions and to writing short book reports.

Literacy became instilled in me throughout my middle school to high school years. When I was in 6th grade, I had a caring English teacher who took the time to help her students write their own short books. I wrote a short book of poems, and other imaginative ideas. I also had other English teachers who carefully took the steps needed to make sure that I was able to write persuasively. Which helps me understand literacy writing better. But the truth is literacy is something that is acquired and learned through experiences.

The main purpose of literacy is to learn how to organize my thoughts and put them into words on paper. Which my English teachers I had growing up was trying to teach me. I have one experience in high school where I was assigned to write my best or worst day ever. I was over thinking for my assignment and didn't do my best as I should have and got a C- but luckily, I learn from this experience and to not overthink my writing and instead be more confident when it comes to writing. Which my English teacher was trying to point out, and I suffered the consequences. I did recover though, and I'm happy to say that I learned many great things in her class about writing. Although at the time, I didn't think she was a very influential English teacher. My writing took a whole new level back in High school at 12th grade my senior year. My thoughts towards this English class my senior year was hostile, but I found that this class really helped me to learn how to write about current events and issues that are relevant to today's society. While also learning a lot from this experience in literacy writing and giving me a different outlook on literacy.

I feel that there is an important lesson to be learned from our own literacy experiences. My family was a major part of that with the help of both my parents and grandmother who implanted literacy in me at a young age. While my English teachers throughout my life encourage me to be a good reader as well as a writer in terms of literacy. The fair amount of my own early childhood invested into imagination books really help me progress. We, as a society, could learn how to invest our imaginations into scholarly writings as we do in novels. Techniques like this would be tantamount to critical literacy, or internalizing, within each of us, to change the world for the better. While making each of us want to be more confident in our own literary writing and communication skills. Which will be extremely beneficial to our everyday lives. While also shaping our own identities in the world of literacy.

So, literacy has really expanded my outlook over my course of life. So, my negative writing experiences, and best writing experiences have led me to understand my own individuality in literacy writing.

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