Essay on What Is Courage?

What is courage? The definition of courage is the ability to do something that frightens one or the strength in the face of pain or grief. In this case, I believe this is related to the fact that I'm scared of failing in cass but I'm unsure. Courage can be connected to many things, like fears for insists. When you have the fear of getting on a roller coaster but you do it any way called courage. It can be shown in many ways, though.

People show courage in their everyday life without even realizing it, but the one thing people don't think about is that courage can be a bad thing in situations. I've had an experience with a bad type of courage recently and many years ago. Just as they say all money isn’t plentiful money, the same applies to courage. For ages, 12-21 bad courage sticks like gum to the bottom of your shoes. It's the feeling of knowing something is bad, and you're scared to do it but you do it anyway. That bad courage can range from smoking to drinking, etc. Those are times where you have to decide to do what's right, yes all humans aren't going to always make the right decision because there's no such thing as perfect. But mistakes can be made fixed and turned into a learning experience. Courage carries out a dominant role in turning mistakes into unique opportunities for learning when showing courage during those types of situations it's the strength to admit when you're at fault. Sometimes that's many thinking and emotions for people to say when they're wrong and that's perfectly fine as long as you realize it and make it into a learning experience.

Now that's just the standard definition of courage in general. There are many various examples of courage like telling somebody how you feel passionately, doing something you're frightened of, overcoming your worst fears, and many more that are all courage. In my case for deciding what school, I want to go to I could show courage but I just don't want to go to that's school courage can play a factor in admitting I don't want to go to that school because I had enough courage to admit how I feel rather than sit and go to a school where I feel uncomfortable and singled out. That can typically take much courage for one to do especially when you're my age, because it can make you feel like, if you don't go you'll hinder a lot of people. That's never a good feeling because you feel as if you're supposed to make everybody proud but never think about your emotions if you're trying to make everybody happy. I believe that from when you start school to when you finish school you’re instantly trying to make sure your family is satisfied with you also while trying to be happy with yourself which can cause a lot of problems for people because it's sometimes hard to balance the expectations of people with the image your typing to be of yourself you overwhelmingly want to be.

Being what you want to be means you're happy with yourself and following your heart and ideas for the good. But fulfilling the expectations of people means you're trying to be what others desire you to be, like being an A and B student, selecting all the right choices, and being independent. Both of those can be extremely hard to balance together, But if you have enough courage to admit and be what you want to be means you are true to yourself, and within doing that you have much courage more than you could ever imagine. Courage means to me to admit to yourself when you're incorrect and to have enough strength to do what you're frightened of not having enough strength to put yourself into a place where you don't want to be. Courage means to me to be yourself and live for what you believe in, follow the good expectations you’ve made of yourself, and admit your faults to yourself. Courage is me, you, and many others.


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