Essay Sample: 8 Ways to Become Successful in life

Sure, your education can allow you to do well in the future, like when you’re on your own filling up your car with gas in New Mexico, and sure, an education is vital for success, like when you have to build houses by using elements from geometry or trig. But let me ask you this- Do all students have the equal opportunity to educate themselves through such schools, institutions, colleges, and even from home? The answer to that is no, of course not. You see, there’s so many people out there, African Americans to be specific, that aren't given the reliable resources for improvement and have no way of proceeding in their education. This not only concerns African Amercians but also people from all over the world, usually on the poorer side. Even people who have access to top notch education, like ourselves, can deal with divorce, deaths, illnesses, etc. that make learning so much harder. It’s pretty clear that people all around the world have difficulty learning important skills needed for life such as managing monthly bills, buying a car, and even small things like doing laundry or counting pennies and dimes with your toes. That’s why I, a professional educationist from Siberia, am giving you 8 ways to be successful in life.

Have a bedtime routine as if you were a five year old. That means going to bed at 8pm and waking up at a reasonable time. Don’t become the old man snoring past noon everyday. I have an idea, how about you just take an hour nap around 2pm, that way you won’t become cranky throughout the day. And I’m not saying that if you choose to stay up late you won’t be successful, I’m merely saying that if you wake up somewhat early, doesn’t have to be like 6 am early, unless you have to get ready for school, but by doing this it allows you to have an open mindset and become productive through the day. Obsessed with video games like Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite, or Call of Duty? Well then, get your butt out of bed, finish your homework thoroughly, not absurdly fast, and then you can have all the free time you want! How’s that for a change?

Eat a somewhat decent breakfast. Keyword- somewhat. For example, you could have two pop-tarts along with a 6oz Dr. Pepper. And for your information, one apple slice is all you need with that. Or could I suggest a stack of 5+ pancakes with whipped cream, maple syrup on top, and maybe sprinkles too? If you want energy, then this is your way to go. Although, if you at some point you decide you want to be lazy and depressed, then you can choose a route that's full of fruits, grains, and proteins. Like, if you wanted, you could have eggs on toast with guacamole and a bowl of watermelon, but I wouldn’t suggest that if you want to be happy as can be and have a great sense of health. 

Google translate is your best friend. You never know when someone is going to come up to you and ask something in a language that's not your own. For example, if someone were to ask you, “¿Cómo puedo llegar a la oficina de correos?” which, in English means, “How can I get to the post office?” And you do not know by any means what that person just asked you, are you just going to leave them in despair and walk away? To you, it probably sounded something along the lines of “Blabla bla bla a la blah de blah?” I guess they would eventually find their way to the post office, but wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could just get out your phone and have a conversation with that person by using Google Translate? I think so. Think about how much of an effect it would have on people in today’s world. No more confused looks or “I only speak English'' to a person from, let's just say Argentina. With the help of Google Translate, everybody gets the chance to understand the Argentinian standing next to you. Of course, don’t use Google Translate to cheat on Spanish, French, or English tests, that’s if Google Translate is even available in foreign countries, but that’s not the point. Although, I think you get the point.

Make 1,000,000 mistakes. Even if it’s for the dumbest reason such as two plus two, make those dumb mistakes, you are learning. Learning is an essential part of life and helps build confidence later on. By the way, is the answer 8? You can’t expect to be successful in life without making any errors. Just because someone happens to be a genius, that doesn’t mean they don’t make mistakes. Oh and before I forget, as much as your instructors tell you to always be perfect, don’t even try. 

Laugh until you can laugh no more. It has been clearly seen that laughing is contagious in many forms. If you're sitting in class about to burst into tears from laughing, then go ahead do it. I’m sure the class would love to stop learning a topic to watch you fall out of your chair and become near the stage of wetting your pants, while laughing as hard as a dying horse. Even the teacher will appreciate the interruption for a good laugh.

Don’t be a Billy. Now personally, I do not know anyone that goes by the name of Billy, however, we all know that one person who’s always goofing off when Mr. Lawson is speaking. That person tries to find a way out of everything we do by talking about prom stories and bus drivers, instead of discussing what an author wrote. 

Be a responsible human being. Life is hard as it is, but when you have to dig through the hundreds of files at work, school, or whatever, it only gets harder. I know men are said to be way more organized than women and can find things with ease. If you think about it, 90% percent of men have a relatively clean office space and have multiple organization hacks on top of that. Let’s take a look at my brother’s room for example. I see piles of laundry as I just barely enter his room, who knows if they’re even clean or dirty! There are pieces of random trash all over the floor, and for some reason neither he nor I can find his phone!! This seems bizarrely familiar to me, but oh wait- I just described my room. That’s a shame because I thought I was much more organized than him. Turns out this isn’t the case, but despite these flaws, I’m not the only one- I can see the same results in nearly every young woman today. 

Lastly, when you’re in doubt, call your mommy for help. Worst case scenario, you don't have a mom, then I would consider asking your dad in these situations. But if for some reason you don’t have a mom or dad, well that’s quite sad, and I can’t imagine what you’re going through. Getting back to the topic, whoever raised you or knows you on a familiar level should be your go to choice for when trouble comes. They will be the first ones who will save you from the dragons, and they will be the ones who take you back safely to your kingdom. Be smart, don’t skip the opportunity by not calling these wonderful people to your particular destination. 

With all that being said, choose your decisions very wisely, and then you will have a long lasting, happy, life ahead of you. Your future depends on your decisions throughout life, so just keep doing what you know is the right thing to do for you personally. No one is going to tell you how to live life correctly, so I hope I was able to provide you with some help for your own future. Thank you and peace out.



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