Essay Sample About Noah and Ark

Essay Sample About Noah and Ark
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📌Published: 30 March 2021

If animals are so much faster than humans then how do we still get their meat and skin, questions like these always troubled little Noah. One day he decided to ask his Father this question, his father just laughed and said one day I will teach you but not yet you are too young. Noah begged and begged for his father to teach him the ways of hunting but he did not budge. Noah would watch as the Men of his tribe chased these animals for what felt like hours until they finally caught up to them and got the kill. 
As Noah got older he became more impatient with his father, he would keep asking but still got no results. One day Noah had had enough he was going to learn on his own, he woke up before anyone else in his village grabbed his fathers spear and went on a hunt, at first it was quiet and he hadn’t spotted any animals until he came across a deer by the lake. Noah had watched so many times and knew what to do, he slowly approached the deer making sure to not crack any leaves or twigs underneath his feet. Once he was close enough to have a clear shot at the deer he cocked back his arm and threw the spear with all the force he could muster. The spear struck the deer right in the chest and it fell to the ground with a loud thud. Noah was proud he had done this all on his own, he didn’t need his father to learn this he was already a master. As Noah went to pick up his kill and bring it back to the village something felt off, from the bushes he heard rustling and saw multiples pairs of eyes peaking out. 
Before Noah could even think a large group of coyotes emerged from the bushes and began snarling, Noah reached for his spear and pulled it out of the deer. He began to panic and slowly started to back up from the pack, in an act of desperation he chucked the spear at one of the coyotes and began to run, Noah had not trained like the other men in his village so he could not outrun them. He got not even 500m before they started to get bites on his legs. Noah yelled and pleaded that somebody hears him and come help. The realization started to set in for Noah that he may not make it back to the village before these coyotes get him, as Noah was about to give up he heard a loud sound coming from all around him.
A group of hunters from the village had all used their horns to scare off the coyotes. Noah looked behind him with relief the coyotes were already running away when Noah looked back in front of him he dropped to the ground and passed out. When Noah woke up it was dark all around him he looked beside him and saw his Mother and Father who were both sleeping in a bed. He recognized this place and knew he was in the village hospital, it took a minute for Noah to remember exactly what had happened for him to get here, but he began to panic as the realization hit. His Father was going to be furious. That whole night Noah shook in his bed dreading the moment that his parents would wake up. 
Eventually the morning came and Noah was still awake when his father got up he did not even check to see if Noah was awake he went and grabbed breakfast, when his father came back he just stared at Noah for almost a minute. Noah didn’t know what to do he had never seen his father like this, Noah felt as though he were about to cry in fear. But his father then grabbed a spear that was beside him and tossed it to Noah. Noah caught the spear and was still puzzled he thought he was going to be scolded. Noahs father then began walking out of the hospital and gestured for Noah to follow. 
He kept following his father until they made it to the outskirts of their hunting ground here there were targets that he saw the other men using to practice their aim. Noahs father looked at him intensly and said almost threatingly if I ever see you do something that foolish and immature again it wont be the coyotes that almost kill you. Noah nodded in fear and said yes sir in a stutter. Alright now that that is out of the way I will teach you how to properly hunt, the first rule of hunting is to never go alone. You need a partner that you can trust and always has your back no matter what situation you come across Said Noahs Father. Do you understand, Noah listned and said yes I do. Okay now aim at that target and look at where you want to hit, once you do this practice the motion a few times until you feel confident enough you can hit that spot. 
It took weeks of training until Noah was physically ready to go out hunting, he had been assigned a hunting partner named James and they had done all of their training together, once they went out on their first real hunting mission they were tasked with finding food for the village. Noah didnt even realize it but within 15 minutes they ended up at the same spot he had been attacked by the coyotes. As they got closer and closer to the lake the saw a large buffalo who was getting water, Noah knew that the coyotes might still be lurking in this part of the woods and was on high alert. Noah and James got the kill on the buffalo and as they were preparing to bring it back to the village, they both saw the pack of coyotes emerge from the bushes. Noah began to panic as he was scared from the previous incident, James told Noah “I am here now we do not need to worry the two of us can scare them off just dont panice”. Noah snapped out of his daze and relaized this was a lot easier with the help of someone else, he then aimed his spear at the coyotes and began to slowly approach them. As they approved the coyotes began to cower and backup until they ran back into the bushes. Noah and James then packed up the buffalo and brought it back to the village. When they returned they received praise for getting such a large kill.

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