Essay Sample On Family Violence

Essay Sample On Family Violence
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📌Published: 11 April 2021

Around age nine, my life took a significant turn. A situation in my family life taught me how cruel a person could be and how much a person could manipulate your life. Approximately seven years ago, my mom welcomed a man into our home who had a brain injury. At first, he seemed sweet, so I was content with him being in our home. Eventually, he showed his true colors when he hit my mom. My family assumed I did not see the incident, but I saw the entire thing. It was brutal and unforgettable. The first time something tragic occurred, it did not phase me much, and I moved on from it. The verbal and physical abuse continued, and it started to impact my well-being. There were times when he blew up at my mom or even my siblings, including myself. He would hit objects in his path and would have to be forced out of the house. When there were not enough objects around, he began to target people. 

Sometimes someone hurts you so bad that it stops hurting. Whenever something tragic happened, I froze. My older sister would yell at me to dial 911, but I was petrified. When I was nine, my mom left me in the home with him, along with that, my brother’s girlfriend, who was upstairs at the time. He and I were on the couch watching television, and he placed his hand in an area where I was not comfortable. I once again froze. I do not know why I froze all the time, but I did. I was numb. I told my mom a few weeks later, and she removed him. Then he came back.

Unfortunately, for seven years, he was in and out of the home. In May 2020, he was finally removed from my home because of a serious incident where he brutally abused my older sister and my mom. Although I was able to protect my younger sister, I was not able to prevent her from seeing the incident. Regrettably, she has nightmares. My mom and I try to comfort her, but we are all traumatized. I constantly have nightmares, and sometimes I fear being around men that resemble his appearance. 

There are times when I continue to feel sorrow and anxiety, but I try my hardest to leave the past behind me. I had a lot of misery from what I have witnessed and gone through, and I almost lost faith in life getting better. It is not easy to leave the past behind me, but I am learning to let go of the pain I endured. 

Although his departure created emotional and physical safety, his leaving caused an immense impact financially. I gradually grasped the reality that my family was limited in what they could provide for my education. It is hard to pay bills sometimes, but we always find a way to get by. It has taught me to work harder. We always stood low on the socioeconomic scale. I know the only way to achieve my academic goals is to do it myself. My heart aches as I look back at the devastating obstacles I have encountered, but I have grown into a stronger person.

Since I was young, I have always been compassionate towards others. My experiences taught me to treat others with respect, even when they do you wrong. I have learned to be self-reliant, to work hard, and to be financially independent. I am a stronger person because everyday I try to see the best in the world, and every day I strive to be my best.

There are two things I am passionate about art and working with young children. I enjoy art because it helps me to express my emotions positively and creatively. Selling my art helps me make extra cash, and more importantly, it conveys happiness that I want to share with others. I enjoy seeing the smile on the face of people when they receive a piece of my art. I have recently created art that addresses social injustices that include; discrimination and inequality. I believe that my message of bettering the world gets out better when I express it in my paintings. 

I aspire to become an elementary education teacher because if I can positively impact one child’s life then, I will feel fulfilled. I have had many excellent teachers who have inspired me, including Mx. Hammond, Ms. Ellis, Mr. Bergstrom, and many others. They have been there for me through my hardest occasions. When I had a rough day, they allowed me to take the time I needed to complete my work. They are a part of my motivation to continue to work towards a better life; however, my family is my greatest motivation. They have stood by me through everything and gave me the strength to move forward. 

 Since I was a child, I have loved being around children and reading them books. Including my sister and my younger cousins, there are seven children under the age of four in my family. I adore teaching my sister new things like how to count and read. Interacting with my sister and cousins has taught me to be a better mentor to younger children.  

During COVID, I have been listening in on my little sister’s pre-school class so I get a better understanding of the environment. I help her with counting, correctly ordering her alphabet, and learning more about colors. Spending time with her helps me better understand childhood behavior. In senior year, I plan to take a connections class where I can intern with elementary teachers for more experience. 

I have recently joined the positivity committee at South Hadley High School. The committee's purpose is to help students cope with mental stress. I joined because I wanted to be in a community where I can express my emotions and feel accepted, and help others cope as well.

 Lately, there is a rise in civil unrest, although I may not be able to fix it, I can do my part to help. I utilize social media platforms to radiate positive messages and direct people to resources they may find informative or helpful. I have signed many petitions that address environmental issues and other social justice issues for the black community. 

If I am awarded the Christian A. Herter Memorial scholarship, it will have a profound impact on my academic career and life goals. I promise to utilize this scholarship; to continue with my education and pursue my career of becoming an elementary Educator.


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