Euthenasia Should Remain Legals Argumentative Essay Example

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  • Published: 20 September 2021
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Euthenasia should remain legal because it is expensive to maintain someone in a declining physical and or mental state, and the people should have a say in how they die if there is little hope left. 

It is no surprise that keeping a medically impaired person alive costs an exorbitant amount of money. For example, someone who is brain dead and is only being kept alive because of drugs and machines for multiple years is a good way to waste the different resources available. For only a few thousand dollars someone can be put out of their misery instead of the hundreds of thousands needed just to make the pain bearable, on top of all the other costs included. It would hurt for someone to be denied how to die when they already have been told to live in a free way their whole life.

Being told that you can’t die how you would like would be upsetting. If a person of sound mind declares that they want to be euthanized why would people deny them that right. As long as they are above eighteen years of age they can do whatever they want to their body even if it has negative consequences. When there is little time or when one can no longer hope for a fix to what ails them. They may wish to be spared of the pain or misery that follows them, why not spare them of what follows. 

In the end, if euthanization remains legal, it would ease up financial resources on the many people suffering from incurable diseases or disabilities and it would let people have the final say in how they want to go out.


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