Experience Essay about Electric Cars

Technology has dominated the transportation industry for generations. From traveling by horses and chariots to flying planes and driving cars, it has come a long way. I wanted to find an article that would be able to discuss the newest technological advancement in cars; electric vehicles. While the idea has been around for a while and a few companies have been able to use them, many have stayed complacent within the gas-powered industry up until a few years ago. An article from ABC News published last month offers a preview into what is to come in the automobile industry, as it states that in 2021 alone there are projected to be 30 new electric cars set to release. This is almost double the amount from the year prior as 17 were released. With state governments already setting the stage for all cars to be electric in the coming years, it is clear that technology has struck again and brought us into a new generation of automobiles.

The rapid spread of electric vehicles has truly become apparent to myself and I honestly feel it is fascinating to see. At first, I must admit that I was skeptical (as many are with new technology), worrying about how far these vehicles can travel on charges and such. I also failed to realize that they can drive at the same speed as normal automobiles, as I initially thought they could only go up to 30-40 miles per hour. I simply did not take out the time to research it and keep an open mind, which is so important when it comes to new technology. A family friend, however, was able to educate me and took me for a ride in their Tesla. After being able to personally see its performance firsthand, I can attest to the fact that the car drives smoother than most gas-powered vehicles. I was impressed nonetheless, and the family friend assured me that he has never had any problems with mileage limits as he simply charges it each night like someone does with a phone. While many people are coming more on board with electric cars, I feel that the majority of the general public needs to be personally exposed to any electric vehicle (does not have to be a Tesla), then when they can make a more educated decision, they will look to move away from their gas-powered vehicles. 

In continuing my personal investigation into electric cars, I became more and more excited about the affordability of purchasing electric vehicles and how they can save money in the long run for the average consumer. With the releases of these types of cars almost doubling this year, I believe that there will be a free market race for the companies to produce cheaper and better cars. In doing so, more people will be able to afford the cars which is great for them and the environment of course. The key is to gain the trust of the human population which will be accelerated by the increase of supply of the electric cars, causing more and more firsthand experiences with them. Once there is trust, there is little doubt in my mind that electric cars will become the standard in the automotive industry.


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