Extracurricular Activities for Students

Extracurricular Activities for Students
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📌Published: 15 March 2021

Families and the student should decide which extracurricular activities the students should be involved with at school because the school may not offer the activity that the student is interested in participating in, parents and families know the student better than school officials, and it would not be fair to the family to mess up their routines.

Many of the schools don't have activities that students would prefer to participate in because they don't have enough money or lack of support. Students can learn how to communicate with others as well as meet in certain activities. Some students need to relax and talk to friends since schools give so much work in order for them to refresh their minds. Plus who wouldn't want to be in a school that would be recognized because of its activity is the best. 

Parents know the student better than school officials because they've known them since they were small. School officials wont know if they have a talented student on an activity because they don't have it. The officials won't know how a student feels about a specific activity. Many of the families would be involved with the school if their child has something that he or she likes at school. That's why some schools have a low amount of students participating in activities because they haven't talked to them about what they are interested in.

It would not be fair to the family to mess up their routines because they might tell students to go to practice early from the weekends when they don't have rides. The school officials might force students to be in an activity even though they don't like doing it which causes problems with students and families. Many times athletes come home late because they travel to different schools to go against and might ruin people who have dinner at an earlier time. Families will get annoyed buying their child's equipment even though they don't like the activity because they're just wasting money which could be used for other purposes.

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