Face Recognition System Essay Example

Face Recognition System Essay Example
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📌Published: 02 May 2021

Technological progress is a vital and irreversible thing in our modern life. The technology sphere is that kind of phenomenon that has been developing in a progressive way. The development of technology has reached all spheres of human life, including face systems in the phones and in the entrances to some government departments, which event takes place in the capture of criminals or surveillance. But how is this even possible? It was extremely difficult to imagine a couple of years ago. The face recognition system has both condemnation and positive aspects. Anyways, I claim that such a system is really a necessary and useful thing that should be used by the state. 

Face recognition system is one of the most modern and hence the latest technology. One example of this system is Clearview, developed in the USA by Mr. Ton-That. According to one, the Clearview system is a direct violation of the privacy and personality of a person, and the majority of well-known technology companies that could enter this system have abandoned it due to violation of human rights. But now, this is gradually starting to gain momentum and Clearview is an example of this. As for me, the main reason why such technologies have to take place in our life is that they must be used only by credible organizations or by federal services in order to ensure safety by quickly finding and identifying persons with dangerous acts. 

Allowing the utilization of surveillance systems, might prevent the spreading of crime, pickpocketing, murders and significantly simplify the labor of the policies, federal security services which can lead to only positive consequences. Therefore, it has considerable sides and reasons for applying the face recognition system. In addition, a similar system has been used by China, where such a system has been applied for a lot of population  so that the government can determine each person’s privacy via the cameras which are set up in the densely populated districts. 

All in all, considering the positive aspects it is undoubtedly useful and can leave most of the positive consequences to the government and the services which are beyond the government power. Therefore it has to take place in modern life.

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