Face To Face Learning Essay Example

Face To Face Learning Essay Example
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📌Published: 03 May 2021

The technology was crucially important for children’s education last year. The unfortunate COVID-19 situation happened, and the school districts had to do something with the learning. However, now that some students have gone back to school in person, it guides us to the question, “Is It Better to Have Class Over Computer or In-Person?” Some say that Virtual Learning is more engaging. Others say the opposite. I believe that Face-To-Face Learning is better for the student’s education.

Face-To-Face Learning is more effective. Studies show that students can receive answers and responses from teachers in real-time. However, in remote learning, students must wait for an email from their teacher. On the contrary, their ability to be independent may change. Research also shows that the students tend to be overly dependent on the teacher for every detail they do not understand. 

Although some think that remote learning is better because of the time flexibility students have, I believe that Face-To-Face learning disciplines students into turning in work on time and meeting deadlines. According to the text, "Face-to-face classes are at set times. If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to catch up." The author also states, "You have a greater chance of completing your course successfully by doing it in a classroom situation." These pieces of evidence prove that students will build a good habit of completing their work on time. Therefore, I believe Face-To-Face learning does discipline and mature students. 

It is true that students online benefit from the comfortable learning environment, as they can control the noise around them to limit distractions. Despite that, the circumstances of a face-to-face classroom are more engaging. Frequently, students answer questions and have appealing conversations with others. Based on the text, "In the classroom, a teacher's value extends beyond the class being delivered." The author also writes, "To get the best out of their students, a teacher's role is to also motivate, encourage and supervise." These quotations show that even though students may benefit from choosing their learning environment, a face-to-face classroom is more engaging. The learning space and teachers play a crucial part in a student's success. 

While this was a smart topic to talk about, I will say that Face-to-Face learning is better for student's education. It helps the students keep focus and motivation. Also, the learning environment the student is in will direct which path a student's education will go. Face-To-Face is the way!

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