Family and Population in 19th Century America Essay Example

Family and Population in 19th Century America Essay Example
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📌Published: 28 March 2021

Eight-hour of what well, Professor Patrick's lecture described the situation of people's work before the 19th century. How people's households changed throughout the years. From what I notice, there was a massive transformation throughout the years. In my opinion, these transformations came out to be great. The most significant transformation I am proud of is about jobs. Back then, in the 19th century, lots of people got injured. 

As I was saying, jobs are a big difference from how it was before. From what Professor mentioned, a letter from Marry Pawl that she wrote in 1845 to her father saying it said: "last Thursday a girl fell off down and broke her neck which caused instant death, she was going in or coming out of the mill slip out very icy." Pawl also mentioned what happened that same day "A man was killed by a railroad car all of his ribs were broken." It made me realize how people back then would suffer a lot while working and the danger they would be through as well from how it is now. In my opinion, this issue is something people should be thankful for. We are not facing a threat at work, even though this event happened centuries ago. Yes, people still get injured at their jobs because accidents happen but not as bad how it used to be. 

Moving on to households in the 19 centuries, Professor Patrick stated some households had windows, but most people did not have windows. Reflecting on now, now we have lots of windows in our homes, and as Professor Patrick mentions, "now it's a regulation to have a window." It's by law to have a window. The second thing Professor commented that I found interesting was in the 19 centuries, 12 people lived in one room, and there was no plumb, so they would have to throw their waste out in the streets. It astonishes to me to live with 12 people in one room sounds insane to me. That's many people, and you cannot get any privacy with that amount of people. Having to throw your waste into the streets sounds embarrassing and disgusting to me. In the 19 centuries, kids would be out there and play while the junk was out there too. But for the wealthy people, they would get their trash picked up. 

According to now, we don't go through that face anymore. People have regular jobs that are not factories and don't end up dying. Now we have homes with windows, more rooms, and restrooms. There can't be more than four people living in a one-bedroom. By law, it's to live in a two-bedroom now as from what I experienced my family started growing and we received a notice that we can't live there anymore because the occupation is four people. So, we had to move to a two-bedroom apartment.

In conclusion, this was one of my favorite lectures. Knowing what the people from the 19 centuries went through was tough. But slowly by slowly, jobs and household were changing throughout the years. This lecture made me realize how fortunate we are to have our room or space in our home. We are also lucky to not go through danger in our jobs now it's safe. 

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