Forgiveness in a Tale Called  'La Città di smeraldo' (Essay Example)

Forgiveness in a Tale Called  'La Città di smeraldo' (Essay Example)
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The responsibility and expectations given to a person to forgive another is overrated and should not be moral. Forgiveness is an act that should be done when the person giving it is ready, not right away because society believes it will do good for the moment. Not forgiving someone or oneself will teach them values they can’t learn when they bluntly excuse the actions of others and themselves. This will also help one to appear less vulnerable to others and improve their state of mind healthily. Forgiveness is a way to bring about peace in each other when done right, not forced as it will be like sweeping dust under a rug. 

Not forgiving people is easy in a sense. One can choose to ignore the other and move on with their life with little to no problem. Forgiving oneself on the other hand is a different story. In a tale called  'La Città di smeraldo', a man locks himself in a tower because he believes his face is too ugly. To pass time, he grows flowers outside of his tower. One day, he notices some of his flowers go missing and decides to wait the next day to find out what is happening to them. He sees a girl walk near his tower and starts picking his precious flowers. The man is furious until he learns that she is gathering flowers to sell and make a living. He soon falls in love with the girl and makes plans to plant a magical seed of a flower that doesn’t exist in the world so that she can earn a lot of money. He sits and waits for the girl to return but she never does. The man finds out later on that the girl has died and starts crying. He regrets never approaching her and finding the courage to talk to her. He learns that he should have learned to love himself for who he is. Through the pain and heartbreak he went through, by not forgiving himself, he was able to learn how to love who he is in the end. It takes time for a person to learn their lesson. By not forgiving oneself, they can ultimately change their state of mind and perspective in the end. Life is about experiences and learning, as the man did in the tale. An individual making their decision not to forgive themselves or others doesn’t make them a bad person. Instead, it will be a learning opportunity for them whether they were right to do so or not. 

When given the chance, those who are open to an opportunity to take advantage with their power will do so. It is easy to get what you want when you know the person you want something from is easy on you. Forgiving easily will lead others to find that person gullible and easy to use, hence they will be taken advantage of. My cousin is the only son and child of my aunt and uncle. Growing up, he could easily get what he want with no argument and still does to this day. Knowing this, he would often get upset at his parents for attempting to discipline him by denying him, to which they would feel bad and end up getting him what he wanted. Not only does he get away with getting what he wants, but also things he should get in trouble for. He would yell at his mom and his dad would get him to settle down but would feel bad later on and apologize by spoiling him. Situations like this require forgiveness to be pushed aside because sometimes the wrong end is receiving the apology. If forgiveness is easily handed out then more wrongdoings will occur. It not only applies to parenthood, but life as well. When crime happens and the people who did them have to go to trial, what would our world become when everyone in that courtroom forgives them so simply. Forgiveness should not be done because it’s “the right thing to do”, it should be done if the person giving it feels that the other has deserved it.

 Forcing forgiveness isn’t healthy for one’s state of mind. Listening to society’s unspoken rule to forgive others for the sake of doin it will harm oneself. It’s better to wait and find a reason to give forgiveness rather than forcing it out. Forgiving for the sake of doing it will build up emotions within. My brother is a very stubborn person. In arguments, he would say anything to have the upper hand. In a recent situation, he brought up hurtful memories to use against my sister for the sake of being dominant. I reprimanded him for doing so and suddenly, he turned the tables to fight with me about who’s older and who’s younger. I believed he was wrong and spoke up about it. Forgiveness for the sake of it will build up emotions within a person and that isn’t healthy. If our parents had gotten involved and forced us to forgive each other then, there would be bigger tension than there is now. Forgiving others should be because the person wants to and feels like the other has had enough time to come into realization of their actions. It shouldn’t be forced just to have peace within that moment. 

Personal beliefs are important to some. When it comes to controversial topics, many stand by what they think and have no regrets on their actions when it comes to it. Thomas Gibson, an actor best known for his role in the show Criminal Minds, was involved in a physical and verbal fight with a co-producer on the set of Criminal Minds that ended with his resignation from the show. Although the outcome of the situation ended poorly for Gibson, he couldn’t stand hearing the co-producer make such jokes and comments on a serious matter. Had he not made the decision to speak upon it, the co-producer would not have gotten his side of the punishment, even if it had cost him his role on the show. If there was a forced mutual agreement between the two, there would still be tension. Situations such as the one previously mentioned will only do harm. It will be meaningless to have people apologize without truly meaning it. Forgiveness is a virtue that should be given when accounted for. It is more than a phrase or two said bluntly. It wouldn’t be healthy for people to apologize to one another and yet, still have the lingering feeling of anger and frustration. Although the phrase “forgive and forget” is one often said, it is unlikely that the forgetting part happens.

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