Forrest Gump Book Vs Movie Analysis

Forrest Gump Book Vs Movie Analysis
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📌Published: 14 March 2021

Forrest Gump was a book that was nothing like the movie. In fact there were so many differences that if you changed the name of the movie you really wouldn't be able to tell that it was based off the book Forrest Gump. Although there were so many differences there was part in the movie that really stood out the most to me, and that was the ending.  In the book Jenny is married and she has Forrest Jr with her. Forrest Gump, Lt.Dan, and Sue are street  performers. Forrest was playing his harmonica and Jenny recognized the sound of it and knew it was Forrest. To make a long story short Forrest looks up and sees Forrest Gump Jr and he knew it was something about him he just wasn't sure. That is when he saw Jenny and he couldn't believe it. Forrest knew that Forrest Jr was better off with his mother, so to support his son he made sure that he had money sent from his shrimp business to Jenny for Forrest. Well in the movie none of that happened. In the movie Forrest and Jenny got married. Jenny knew she was sick and was going to die and Forrest was right there to take care of her and Forrest Jr. Some time went by and Jenny had passed away. Forrest was heart broken, but he stayed strong for Forrest Jr. And the movie ended with Forrest Jr. getting on the bus for his first day of school and Forrest waited right there for him. I really like the ending of the movie, even though Jenny died I am still glad that they were together. Them being together was all Forrest wanted. Even though Forrest was a little on the slow side he was a good father and husband and just an all around good person.

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