Friendship Or Money Essay Example

Friendship Or Money Essay Example
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đź“ŚPublished: 25 April 2021

Allison is my best friend,I hope i will always be there for her when she needs it because she is worth more than money. While the value of friendship cannot be bought with material wealth, the admiration and privilege is a process. Friends are a privilege, money ruins relationships, and fake friends are expensive.

Fake friends are expensive because they can’t be bought. They always ask for your wealth or steal from you. They most likely make a mess when you spend too much time with them, they get mad at you for not doing the right thing and they act like a goat or dog etc. at your home. When you have a fake friend, they are always not loyal towards you and others. Example they will lie to you or about you to someone else that probably likes nice.

Can money control your relationships? Well, when you have control over someone that means you make them do anything as they wish. That person leads to threats to leave and manipulate like your partner. Bullying in the cafeteria is also a threat just like when someone says, “I will give you some of my chips if you, always stay my friend.” Our country suffers full unfairness as bribery is unjust like the law states, politics become stinky in favors. 

When will friendship bring admiration and privilege? When friends bring each other admiration, being in the success. Most friends are loyal, like you ate lunch in the cafeteria and have food around your mouth. A loyal friend will tell you that food is on your face, a not loyal friend won’t do the same. As friends show privilege, share time with people you admire the most. When you  have a long relationship with your friend or more, some people will start to get more comfortable with each other as they share food, clothes, and hair ties.    

In the end, no amount of money can replace your friendship between each other as we all know fake friends will most likely stay the same. Money can ruin relationships like you and your best buddy are going to get gas for your vehicle. Ella for example doesn't want to pay for the gas nor does Anne so get in an argument and not be friends any longer. And remember, Friends you admire are a privilege, while the value of friendship cannot be bought with material wealth, the admiration and privilege is priceless. 

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