Gender Discrimination in The United States

Gender Discrimination in The United States
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📌Published: 10 April 2021

The sad facts about gender discrimination is no one can stop about it, because there is to many people can’t accept it because of other religions and they have the perception that God didn’t create them and should accept what they are but most of other are who has mental disorder that thinks they’re good askas perfect person because of their perceptions or we called racist people that exist all over the world. The place most racism exist according to my research is from America because we know America is one of the richest and finest country in the world we knew about their race are outstanding, education, commision, army, economic activities, government and stuff. Most bullied are gays and black people they can’t be stop unless they commited to do crime action like threatening or destroying property. In some places exist gender equality and that’s the good thing they still have the chance to voice out what they want and who they want to be but the thing is not all people can’t go there. Gender discrimination may also lead to trauma because gender is more on emotion not physically what they are. They will be pessimistic and not confident through what they want and what they want to be or may lead to mental death characterized by loss of core beliefs and values, distrust, and alienation from others, shame and guilt, and a sense of being permanently damaged. Not all can escape from gender discrimination the only thing they can do is gather talk about what they feel listen and voice out and just do the right thing for themselves not for others opinions.

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