Geography of Estonia Essay Example

As the globe has been spinning around for 4.5 billion times and the world has been changing, removing, and adding new things. what new things did the earth provide the human eye to see? Well, continents hold countries, and within those countries; they have cities and capitals along with many sights to see but within those areas hold people and they have stories to tell. Now which country or which continent would people be interested in? Somewhere hot like Hawaii? Somewhere cold like Alaska? Somewhere in-between? How about we take a trip to the northern part of Europe, a place that is bored to the north by the Gulf of Finland and to the west by the baltic sea; a place where the culture is rich with songs and stories in their native tongue, traditional and new ones to be seen and heard along with dances and colorful handicrafts which were made with the heart and soul. The flag of light blue, black, and white shown throughout, the country talked about is Estonia. 

To start with Estonia is a flat country that consists of 45,226 square kilobytes which to see the actual size is the North American states put together. Vermont plus New Hampshire which consists of Estonia. It holds shallow coastlines (1,393 kilometers) due to the country being surrounded by the sea. Estonia holds islands as well northernmost of the three Baltic states along with 1,400 natural and artificial lakes. For instance, an explanation to show forth this is Estonia, a country in northeastern Europe, one area includes some 1500 islands and islets; the two largest of these islands, Saaremaa and Hiiumaa, are off Mayland Estonia’s West Coast." Misiūnas,Romuald J, “Estonia”)  In short, summary, being surrounded by water is truly beneficial for countries food and profit-wise. Counting upon geography, Estonia holds a large abundance of forest which is covered by 1.8 million acres of woodland, such as pines firs, branches, and Aspen. Climate is a big factor in the making of Estonia, within the website Written by the Republic of Estonia(education and Youth Authority) the temperature is mild there are warm Summers with cold temperatures of 20.9 C which converts to 69.62 Fahrenheit. As hot the summers are the waters are so frigid as the Arctic, which is -23 degrees which in Fahrenheit is -9.4. The breeze and humidity are due to the warm and cold winds from the Baltic Sea. July is considered the hottest month and the longest day of the year is the 21st of June.

Estonia is filled with exotic types of living life forms that would not be found in a common area we will know today. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Estonia had good farming soil for them to grow. Estonia grows crops such as Spring Barley, Oats, Winter Rye, Potatoes, legumes filled grasses, and annual fodder crops. Their food does not differ from what we have as an everyday meal in the U.S. They consist of foods such as rye-bread, pork, potatoes, and dairy products just like us in America.


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